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“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

~ Carl Sagan

L  ~  Laughter:  Chuckle, Chortle or Snicker.  Giggle, Titter and Guffaw. Snort or Howl or Cackle. How ever it gets expressed by you ~ from the belly, through the nose, or stuttering like backfire from the rear of the throat ~ laughter is, indeed, the best medicine for what ails you. (Did you know…. {ok, you can chuckle here, Lin’s on a trivia-pursuit roll} Henri de Mondeville, surgeon to French Kings, Philip IV and Louis X in the early 1300s, was the first to practice and recommend laughter/humor post surgery. Trust me … the dude needed a sense of humor after working with these monarchs. Wowzer!) The concept of laughter as healing is originally attributed to him. Today, 700 years later, it is scientifically documented that laughter “releases endorphins/ neurotransmitters that bring a feeling of euphoria. At the same time, it stimulates circulation in the body, which increases oxygen intake and lowers blood pressure. Laughter can improve mood, boost immunity, and reduce stress and pain. It increases the circulation of antibodies in the blood stream and makes us more resistant to infection.”  So …. laugh.  Find silly Dad Jokes {seriously ~  no pun intended:}}, comedies, comedy clubs, movies, those sometimes ridiculous dog and cat (bear and squirrel) antics. Whatever. Just allow some laughter in your life. A lot!  Laugh with. Laugh about. [Never laugh at.]  For health’s sake ~ let ‘er rip!  

I ~  Intuition:  There is a still small voice. It usually nestles somewhere in the region of the gut. It whispers. It knows that it knows. It hopes you listen.  And when you do ~ when you hone this “skill” and recognize the gift of having it, you will never be alone or lost for long. {And yes, it has a rich sense of humor!

F ~  Fresh:  With both laughter and intuition, days will be fresher. Freer. More centered in the activity of living Life. Using “fresh eyes” familiar things take on new meaning;  new things take on a more open sense of discovery.  A breath of fresh air.  Re-engaging in Life with a fresh start.  Begin a fresh pursuit.  {And …(huh) … I’m fresh out of other examples. Ha!

E ~  Enjoyment:  I do not believe I am making and taking this Life’s journey to become adept at being miserable. Yes, some folks do appear to enjoy being miserable, yet I truly do not believe even they wish to live that way. (Maybe it has become habit. Maybe they were “tutored” on viewing ‘Life’s a b’….ugger, full of trials and tribulations, mistrust and misery. It’s not.)  There is joy in the everyday. There is enjoyment in little AND big things. As one looks around their environment (and their Life) it may be time to marie kondo the heck outta people, places, things, and events. Do you enjoy the time you spend with this person, feeling connected, involved and vested in the mutual respect there? Does that place you go bring laughter ~ or serenity ~ or joy?  Do those things you surround yourself with bring satisfaction, a smile, a sense of comfort?  Do those office meetings, those evenings out, those family gatherings, provide inspiration and camaraderie, shared ideals and potentials? If not … may want to ask Self why that specific connection is still taking place. Huh. 

* (This is the second Practice: Life  I have written. The first was July 7, 2018.  Guess this ‘Life’ stuff is pretty important!!  Namaste’    Lin)