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“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

  ~Frederick Neitsche.

I have such beautiful images in my Mind of those I have seen dancing. Someone standing at a bus stop [or in the subway], earbuds in, shoulders moving in sync with music only they can hear. Children in spontaneous movement at a playground. A couple suddenly holding each other close and dancing in the kitchen to a memory-melody. Or, the young girl recently standing on the shore at the ocean, conducting the waves, and moving in rhythm. 

One of my favorite scenes is in the film The Full Monty (a delightful British film – as only the Brits can do), where several ‘regular blokes’ are practicing newly-learned dance steps as they each stand in different lines at a bank. So delightfully amusing. So delightfully human.

What music do you hear? What melodies, ditties, beats, play in your Mind? What tintinnabulating tunes have you metaphorically tapping those feet?

Now, translate the word ‘music‘ to: dreams, desires, longings, creative expression waiting to be expressed. Are you dancing?  Even when no one is looking? Huh ~ even when they are?

What does your ‘music’ and your dance step look like?  

  • A fanciful garden
  • Helping people arrange retirement plans
  • Cleaning the shores of lakes and streams
  • Cooking ~ for self, others, a community
  • Keeping that ‘old’ car running
  • Pet walking
  • A video portraying something important to you

How about ….

  • Writing ~ poetry, prose, schematics, manuals, or fact-stranger-than-fiction
  • Creating that retreat overlooking the bluff
  • Teaching someone how to move their limbs again
  • Being a docent at a zoo, gallery, museum
  • History reenactment
  • Painting that painting or sculpting that clay
  • How about being a Crossing-guard
    • And …..  
      • the list is endless. Into infinity.

Go ahead ….be ‘insane.’  You are the one who hears that music. Continue to 

Dance your Dance. {Gives an entirely different meaning to “I-tunes.” Ha!}