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True Nobility

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

    ~  Ernest Hemingway.  

As 2020 approaches an ending (“finally !!!” you say?!) the traditional encouragement to reflect is, I believe, never been more important. Whether one has a litany of complaints, or of amazements, the ‘looking back’ creates a blueprint for the ‘moving forward.’

I don’t care if you’ve been the clone of Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu or Florence Nightingale this past year. Don’t care if the cloning has been that of Vlad the Impaler, Spike and Drusilla {‘Buffy’ fans} or even the obnoxiously insecure and selfish George Costanza.  Don’t care – metaphorically that is. 

I’m not here to take their inventory.  (Some I’d enjoy being around;  others’ I wouldn’t and won’t. No-brainer there!)  I’m not here to take your inventory either. I am encouraging you to take your own. Just as I am mine.

Some things to consider for being a better version of your former self:

Been a giver of help to others?   Be it more.

Been angry and frustrated (translation:  scared)?  Discover why; make movement to

Be less.

Stingy about being a giver to yourSelf?  Get over the false Ego, and give more.

Donating time or funds or effort to things that speak to Spirit?  Do more.

Procrastinating on those itty-bitty (or HUGE) projects? Do so less. 

Focusing on lack-and-limitation, “thems” and “shoulds”? Less judging … now.

Fling words, criticisms and those judgments at others or Self, then wish you could ‘take

 it back’?  Frickin’ pause before shooting off at the lip. Breathe. Do THAT more.

 Saying “I love you” to those you do?  Do it more, more, and more  

YOU know what the barriers, blocks and ‘bleck’ is in your life. Just like you know what the beauties and beatitudes are.  Do less of some and more of others. Fill your cup, not your pit.

12-Step philosophy encourages taking a “searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.”  Oftimes that is translated by many into taking an inventory of everything ‘done wrong.’  Not in my book. An unbiased inventory includes everything ~ the positive attributes and actions ~ as well as the suckie ones.  You know what they are ~ positive and negative.

Following Hemingway’s theme, plans for the year 2021 would include more of some, and a heck of alot less of the others. (You know what they are ~ positives and negatives.)  Make the effort to become a noble human ~ superior to your former self. That’s my intention for  2021. I invite you to join me in this amazing, tough, delightful, fraut, playful … and enlightening experience. Imagine a 2021 with that you living and thriving within it. Wow!  Magic.