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“Sometimes we have to put our bravery cloak on.”  

Kaden M.    {age 3 at the time}.  

There was a tv show years ago (I was but a wee lass…..hahaha!) hosted by Art Linkletter, called ‘House Party.’ At some point during the show there was a segment where Mr. Linkletter chatted with young children ~ asking sometimes innocuous sometimes pointed questions. The answers were often amusing (to the adults) and many times were huge ‘whoa!’ moments for the discerning listener.  The segment was called “Kids Say the Darnedest Things.”

As any non-kid knows, younger children are often not hampered by the need for ~ or understanding of ~ what’s “appropriate” to say.  They simply say their truth without filters.

I have held on to the above quote for well over a decade, thinking, when I come across it (at the divine right time – again and again) how prophetic those words were ~ and are even today. 

With 2021 at hand, I  echo the comment made by Kaden to his great-grandmother all those years ago. It’s time to put the bravery cloak on. 

Each person’s Bravery Cloak looks different. For some, it may resemble that of a swashbuckler. For others, a long Hawaiian feather drape. How about a western ‘duster’ or something along the lines of Harry’s Cloak of Invisibility?  Elvis’ bling – Cleopatra’s draping folds – Darth Vader’s floor-dragger (hood optional) ~ or WonderWoman’s short and sassy version for ease of movement.  A thousand choices ~ a multitude of purposes. 

I don’t know what event Kaden was referring to all those years ago that prompted his suggestion. (Huh ~ think I’ll ask him – another novel idea ~ and see if he recalls.) I DO know the words and suggestion, “out of the mouths of babes,” pretty much continues to hit-the-nail-on-the-head.  

Only you know what purpose your  Bravery Cloak is for.  Do you need to finally speak up (or conversely – and rudely put:  shut the heck up)?  Do you need to stand up (or sit the heck down)? Do you need to give voice and action to a desire you’ve held in check (or buried under the debris of years of trying to please others)?  Do you need to start….or stop…. something?  Say ‘Yes!’ – or ‘No!!’ ?  Step forward – or step back. Stop the ‘S/he vs me and Them vs us’?  Receive or release. What IS it, for you, to be Brave about, starting this year ~ this month ~ this day? 

Only you know. (And trust me, you DO know!).  (Huh ~ maybe the Bravery Cloak is to be utilized to stop b.s’ing yourself. Novel idea!)  Huh again ~ those b.s’ings are most usually in need of some BIG reality-checks!  Ouch. BIG ouch!  Scary ouch. (That’s why it’s called a Bravery Cloak.) 

It takes as much bravery to stop thinking/ feeling/ doing something as it does to begin thinking, feeling, or doing something else. Sometimes maybe more! Ofttimes much more. Start today.  Then ~ go practice the(se) principle(s) in all your affairs.

Grab up that Cloak. Shake the dust off. Give it a swishing-swirl ~ and lay it over your shoulders.  Yesssss!  You look mahvelous dahling!!  Go forth!



Lin, That’s amazing, and I like it a lot!! Unfortunately, I can’t exactly remember which scenario I said that, but I’m sure it was something along the lines of trying a new food, or doing something by myself. I think we can all benefit in putting our bravery cloak on, and I think that article helps!”    Kaden M.W  {Quotee – 11 years later} 01.12.21