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First Sight

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

  ~  Anais Nin.

The more I look Objectively, the more I see what I have chosen not to see before. It’s an amazing endeavor!  

I’m not saying I always purposefully or stubbornly stayed glued to my interpretation of what I was viewing.  (….or in honest reality ~ I’m sure I did. Subconsciously, predominantly.)  I believe there is a natural desire to see the ‘view’ for a sense of balance until one can incorporate the change into a new paradigm. Sometimes the new ‘view’ feels so discombobulating (or down-right painful), that the tendency to hold on to the remembered with great tenacity happens.  A fun and funny great recovery poster I remember from years gone by is of a cat on a shredded curtain and the quote:  Everything I let go of has claw marks on it. (Ha!)

Claw-marks not withstanding, making the effort to see things (or people, places, events) for what they currently are is actually quite liberating!  For Self. For Others.  Doesn’t even mean the landscape won’t morph and change again down the road. Simply means that right-here, right-now, this is what it is.  (Especially considering the above quote – seeing things as WE are, right-here, right-now.)  

I really like that. I respect that. I celebrate each piece of growth I’ve made to bring me to right-here right-now. I like the honesty of choosing to live with …. well ….. honesty!  Seeing PPTE with fresh(er) eyes and Mindsets.  . 

I offer respectful celebration to you, too, for each and every part of your growth. Right here.  Right now.

Keep looking. Keep re-Viewing. Keep liberating yourself.