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Truth Seeker

“A questioner wants the truth;  a doubter wants to be told ‘there’s no such thing.’ “

    ~  Cormac McCarthy – The Sunset Limited.

I am thinking this quote will be more pertinent over the next several weeks (at least here in the United States.)  I am a “questioner” (probably since birth – ha!) driving those around me to endless distraction by the endless questions I would ask. For me, It’s not nosiness; it is a genuine interest to learn and discern. To know for myself.

My own ‘doubter’ comes into play when I do research that presents information that doesn’t match my preconceived ideas or data. Over these next several weeks, I am hoping that there is a true quest-to-know vs latching on to an egotistical desire to “prove you wrong.”

Question face-value. Question rhetoric. Question status quo. Question, question, question.

Do research yourself. Dig deeper than a simple google byline or byte, a catchy phrase in a commercial, or some post on social media. All pundits have an agenda: Their’s ~ not necessarily your’s.

Find a truth that resonates deeply for you. Past the familial “because I said so” or “we’ve always done it this way.”  Past any societal “just cuz’.” These are your values (not someone else’s).  And …. you learn even more about what you value.

Teach children that it’s ok to ask questions. Teach children to do the research. Teach children to define their own values and encourage them to ‘check in’ on those values as they grow older. Keep learning and honing that information, those values. Celebrate the younger ones when they do look and learn ~ psssst … even if their answers don’t match yours. ~ and celebrate yourself each time you do it too.

Love the question.