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“Forgiveness is the feeling of peace that emerges ….. 

~  Stanford University ‘Forgiveness Project.’  

I discovered this several years ago ~ and came across it again ~ still thinking it is quite marvelous!  There is not really much for me to add to the prophetic message contained in this research conclusion. The “fuller” synopsis is:

“Forgiveness is the feeling of peace that emerges as you take your hurt less 

personally, take responsibility for how you feel, and become a hero instead 

of a victim in the story that you tell. Forgiveness is the experience of 

peacefulness in the present moment. Forgiveness does not change the past, 

but it changes the present. Forgiveness means that even though you are 

[feel] wounded you choose to hurt and suffer less. Forgiveness means you 

become a part of the solution. Forgiveness is the understanding that hurt is 

a normal part of life. Forgiveness is for you and no one else.”

Imagine if you will:   hurting less, taking more self-responsibility (stop victim-mentality and giving your empowerment away to Others), becoming your own s/hero, creating change in the present, and creating solutions for the future.  All for your own well-being.  This “Selfish” act {as forgiveness is for you and no one else} will vibrate and echo outward to soothe the world and peoples around you with both a balm, and an encompassing surge of peace and purposefulness.

The power of peaceful purposefulness far outweighs (and outlasts) resistance and battle, struggle and angst. One kills ~ the other nurtures.  One builds ~ the other destroys.  It is a choice.

Give yourself the gift.  Encourage it in others. Everyone deserves it. (Yes, even “Them.”)  

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“So well written – so true, to me.  When I held a grudge for someone 3 yrs ago was a weight on shoulders. When, finally, seeing good aspects of person, was weight lifted off shoulders. Took time – NOT an overnight thing, but had to feel (deep inside) resentment was Gone. Can like the person now and appreciate attributes I did not recognizer before when let mind go from anger to better thoughts. Thanks for sharing!”                   ~ Carole R.  10.27.20

“Lin, you cannot know how much I needed to hear this today. Whatever struggle I’m in involves me and what part do I play?  This sort of slapped me on my face today! Hope you don’t mind me sharing this!”                  ~ Charles B.  10.27.20

““Thank you Lin!  I really enjoyed this, and was thrilled to see your reference of Fred Luskin.  I took a workshop with him years ago and have his book. I think forgiveness is so important to live a healthy life. You do good work, Lin!  Love, Rita”       ~ Rita C.  10.28.20