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“To believe with certainty we must begin by doubting.”

~ Stanislaus I of Poland (1677-1766).

There are several people in my world who are looking at making some shifts and changes in how they are going to go about living their lives in more fulfilling ways.The ‘reasons’ behind each one’s choice is as different and varied as they are. Most all the ‘reasons’ are multilayered. No single ‘burning bush’ as the impetus….more like several match or sticks aflame.  

There are choices afoot to leave and ‘retire’ from a l-o-n-g term job that no longer feels satisfying. In fact, it feels draining, and in one comment….”soul sucking.”  Other pre-choices spread across the life spectrum:  

  • closing a personal dwelling and moving into a shared household;  
  • taking a relationship into ‘the next level’…or not;  
  • giving wings to the final-child-at-home;
  • how to not scare-the-crap out of oneself while setting new boundaries    
  • learning to find underlying understanding about a recurring health issue;
  • how to let go of familial / societal ‘shoulds’ and expectation of a parent-child relationship…especially when the ‘child’ is an adult 
  • deciding to take on a new familiar venture without the mental backlash of old assumptions; 
  • grieving-with-grace the death of a loved one.

Uncertainty abounds. Mental negative “what-if’s” counteract positive-movement thoughts. 

Old history shoves up and waves “Hey?! Remember me?”  “Remember the time you tried thus-and-so and fell on your face / stepped in caca / alienated so-and-so?”

Yes, uncertainty abounds.  Yet one of the many things ALSO to remember is that you are not the you you were then.  You are the You now.

Unless life has purposefully been lived in a wash-rinse-repeat cycle, the You (and me) today has grown exponentially in facts, fairness, and faith. No doubt about it. There has been (and will continue to be) growth and grace. Go Believe that,,,, with certainty!