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Telling Tales

“We tell the tale of our life by the stories we repeat in our days.” 

  ~  Mary Ann Radmacher.

Ah, the tales that are told.

Interestingly, one word-definition for ‘tale’ is fable. Fables are, for the most part, make- believe stories. Allegories and parables are also fables. all with a societal moral point (or at least the implication thereof!)

Unfortunately, most the “tales people tell” about themselves and/or about others don’t quite fall into the essense-category of fable, allegories or parables.  Most the “moral” parts of those tales are more….judgements. Or self-aggrandizement. Ha!  (My self included, upon honest reflection).  Oy!

If I am telling the tale of my life by the stories I tell you (or whomever will listen….and I choose to ignore that glazed look on their face……hahahahaha), what pictures am I painting? Of me. Or someone else?  (These tales which are usually couched in “flavors” out to ‘prove’ my views, beliefs, and even resentments, thus judgments. Whew!) Brings to mind the old phrase “Telling tall tales.”  Stop telling those stories!

If I am wanting a life that feels full and loving, empowering and enriching, then I need to (nay, must!) stop telling old tales of woe.  Or…. to quote the lyrics of an old HeeHaw song:  Gloom, despair, and agony on me….“. Even if the tale is factual. Even if the data is correct.  The most important thing to ask Self is:  how does this serve my highest good today?  

Pssst… has to know and define what their highest-good is!  What it looks like. How it feels. 

Then live it.  Start telling new stories!  THESE are the ones to repeat now in one’s day. 

(Another pssst……others will thank you, you way-show-er you.)