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Wouldn’t It Be Fun If …

 “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”  

   ~  Paulo Coelho.  

How many times, especially as a ‘kid,’ did you play the “wouldn’t it be fun if…” game? Actually, and more importantly today, when was the last time you played “wouldn’t it be fun if…”?   15 or 30 years ago?  When you heard the lottery was at 500 million?  When contemplating a trip or vacation?  A date-night?  A  new job or position?  Getting to know a new area?  Hmmmm. When exactly?

How about doing it…. every day?  No matter what’s on the “to do” list for the day, imagine:  wouldn’t it be fun if…..

Envision. Pretend. Because the beautifully, wonderfully amazing thing about this ‘game’ is the upliftment it brings. Creative ideas. Laughter. Brightness. Largeness. Giving. Sharing. Relaxing. Embracing.


No where in this ‘game’ is the deeply restrictive, depressing, demanding, woe-is-me, others-are-out-to-get-me, the world-is-a-bad-place prediction. Nowhere.  Well, except….. and there are undoubtedly the ‘excepts.’

(….. because “and the universe conspires to help realize that dream.”  The negative thought stuff too; you’re saying that’s what you want. Isn’t it?)

Meanwhile, back to the ‘excepts’. Yes, indeedy do, there are those who win a lottery and actually complain about having to pay taxes on it. Really?  Begrudging and bemoaning that they ‘only get’  65-70% of the total. Hahahahaha.  Really??!  A $10 scratch-off as an investment and a chunk-o-take-home cash as a prize?  Grow up. Or actually, be a kid again! Celebrate the fun.

Years ago, folks use to chuckle over Eyore.  Poor negative-thinking little fart.  Today, more folks chuckle over Winnie the Pooh.  Poor naive unsuspecting fool. Why is that?

Why has doom and gloom, watch out for those [fill in the blank], big projections of bad things are gonna happen, and OMG-most everything’s unsafe to eat, touch, wear, breathe, do, be.  Huh….  It’s sad. Plain ole’ sad.  

So, I offer a challenge.  The moment you find yourself projecting why something won’t work, will be hard, can’t happen ‘cuz negative/ negative/ negative….. Play a different game in your head. Imagine ‘wouldn’t it be fun if…”  Imagine fit, flow, camaraderie, support. Imagine ease. Feel the bubbles of wouldn’t-that-be-nice. Wouldn’t it be exciting. Wouldn’t it be rewarding. Wouldn’t it be lovely.   Psssst….”and the universe conspires to help realize that dream.”  

Wouldn’t it be fun if …..  folks started thinking and living this way again.  Huh….Tag, you’re it.