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Astonishing Light

“I wish I could show you 
when you are lonely or in darkness, 
the astonishing Light of your own being.”
      ~   Hafiz.  

There is such a sense of release each time I read these words, and I have read them many times over the decades. I feel an easing ~ and an uplifting of energy and encouragement. The ‘ah yes, I remember.’

The astonishing Light of your own being.”  Oh my.  The re-Minder of the power ~ and preciousness ~ within each of us  Waiting to be recognized.  Waiting to be acknowledged.  Waiting to shine. Dispelling the gloom and the shadows and the ‘things’ that go bump in the night.

When you look, what do you see?  Do you see you through the eyes and opinions of others?  Do you see you in the looking glass (as Alice would say), noticing the faults and blemishes?  Or do you, in fact, look and see you through the Spirit ~ in that still, quiet place that knows the beauty and handsomeness of you?

Short, tall;   fat, thin;  fair or dark. Do you see you?

Black, brown, purple, or polka-dot. Green-eyed, blue, or brown (or as with a friend of mine – two different colored eyes!)  Do you see You?

Boobs or flat-chested; ‘hung’ or not. Washboards and pecs or pencil thin frame. Do you see you?

Battle scars or tats; Freckles or tans  Do. You. See. You?

Do you see the Light that emanates from you?

Do you shy away from your own brilliance? Do you? Do you hide it under the proverbial bushel?  Or….

Do you sometimes have the teeniest-tiniest urge to have your Light shine? What would it take for you to allow?  Permission?  Who’s?

You have mine.

Now give yourself your’s.

And maybe …. as you begin to glimmer and shine ….. just maybe

Your Brilliance is the glimmer that I need to light my own Way.