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F = Freedom – Freedom is the first word that came to me for this letter ‘F.’  I know I so often feel a complete release of ‘stuff’ when I am in the midst of play. I tend to lose sight of time, the ‘shoulds,’ and any internal negative chatter.  The body feels lighter ~ the mind clearer ~ the spirit light.  The definitions of Freedom include the right to express one’s ideas and opinions freely through speech, writing, and other forms of communication but without deliberately causing harm to others’ character and/or reputation by false or misleading statements.  Wowzer.  Freedom is a privilege and a prerogative. I believe that play (and synonymously Fun) is also a privilege and a prerogative. Autonomy and independence. Freedom. Also, what’s so beautiful to me is that I can be in the midst of work that is great fun ~ for me. So can you. If anyone is working at anything, and it is drudgery, then rethink it. What is the ‘goal’ and recognize that if reframed it becomes something I want to do (…. even if it is anticipating the joy of the end results …. ‘whew and woohoo! I did it!!). I can make it as fun, and silly, as I want. That is freedom!

U = Unabashed (unembarrassed, audacious, bold) / Unpretentious (unaffected, unassuming, without airs, natural, open, frank, ingenuous, artless, guileless) / Uplifting (morally or spiritually elevating; inspiring happiness or hope).  Was sitting here “trying hard” to figure out which of these three words to choose for ‘U’ ~ as I truly liked them all for descriptors of Fun. Got frustrated. Reread F=Freedom to clear the Mind, and realized I was not “practicing what I was just preachin’ ” !!!  (‘Oh how quickly we forget, Hahaha !’) (Double blush that it was simply nanoseconds ago, too.). Had a conversation with self ~ realized I can make it as fun and silly as I want …. so voila!  I am choosing all 3 words, for they describe the playfulness, freedom, and fun that comes with … well …. fun!   What’s even more fun is that you can choose one that resonates for you.  Or even, altogether find a different word that fits. For you.  

N =  Naturally Nourish – (ooohhhh….. a two’fer !!)   Ponies running wild on Assateague Island, with manes flowing in the wind.  Children laughing uproariously during a game of hide-and-seek. Bear cubs rolling over and over each other in the meadow, just ‘cuz.  Folks square dancing with energy and verve, grinning widely as they dosado. Fun. Nourishes the spirit by: providing substances necessary for growth, health and good condition.  Naturally (something that isessential;  instinctive;  intuitive).  Go take your instinctively intuitive self out and do something essential for your well-being. Nourish yourself. Let go of perceived ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’ and ‘there isn’t enough time.’ Time is timeless when Practicing Fun.  In whatever form.  You choose!