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Look Closely

“We must look closely for the little wink from the universe that reminds us we’re being guided.”    ~  Gabby Bernstein. 

Considering all that I am planning on doing the next several weeks, this re-Minder is about faith, paying attention, allowing ~ and receiving!

It is also about humility (and not that sack-cloth-and-ashes stuff either). Being humble enough to set power/control negative-ego aside and truly trust that the faith one has in their (my) highest good is taking place. Humble enough to forego judging appearances of the ‘What’ that is occurring, and Knowing it is the door (or guidepost) to the next-right-thing.

What does this ‘wink’ look like?  For me, it’s often a spontaneous thought I-know-I-didn’t-think that comes into Mind. (I call ’em my Muses. I am never steered ‘wrong’ if I follow the message.) Sitting first in line at the traffic light as it changes and hearing “Wait” ~ and pausing some 9 or 14 seconds ~ and a pickup comes barreling through the red light the other way. Overhearing a conversation between others in the grocery line and ~ voila ~ data about something I was wanting to find out, is their topic of discussion.  Seeing a billboard or hearing an ad on the radio with ~ bing ~ exactly what I needed to know to contact someone. It happens for me all the time. 

When I’m paying attention.  (The follow-through is on me.)

I entertain a thought …. “huh; I want to know….” or “what about ….”  or “how do I do/get/find this or that?”    That is Asking.   Hint:  be as specific as possible, without being anal ~ leaving room for even greater.  Hint:  be POSITIVE about what you want to know, get, find. (Emotions are the barometer of being positive or negative).  Hint:  no “don’t wants” ~ only do-wants. 

The Universe (or the Divine ~ by what ever name) hears. It always replies “Yes.”  It is so. That’s the reason for the Hints! (I’m frustrated with that ass in front of me;  I don’t want to live in a hovel;  I must have a job even though it’s not what I really want.)  Hmmm.  Did you know that the “don’t” aren’t heard…. just the subject matter and focus of emotion?  So the ass in front of me stays there (Yes). The only living arrangements are hovel-ish (Yes). I get fired or only find positions that deplete my spirit.  (Yes.)

 Huh.  Guess I could always re-Ask. In a different and more positive way.  (Yes.)  Consistently.   (Yes, yes.) 

Paying attention to language and emotion. Looking closely and paying attention to what then comes  ~ or that I am being guided to. Living in awareness and Consciousness. Receive the abundance.  Yes!

Wink wink.