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Dare To Ask


Today she struck a deal with the ether. She would give herself to this world,and in return the ether would provide her with what she dared to ask.~ Nic Askew. 

Give forth the Asking.  Receive.  (Pssst….and get out of your own way.) The “she” here is me.  The “deal struck” is with Source (or Higher Power or by-what-ever-name). The ‘ether’ is the strong connection to Law of Attraction. Ask. Believe. Receive. Right now I am on the second leg of trip. Just completed connecting with loved ones in Nashville and surrounding areas ~ 

  • Sharing a spontaneous “welcome back” meal with dearly loved friends who fed and “feted” me within hours of my arrival back in Nashville, following a 700+ mile drive.
  • Celebrating a commencement with grandson, and recognizing he is a young man ~ full of direction, confidence, and purpose.  (TALL too!)   : ) 
  • Having a wonderful sit-in-the-park long talk about climate change, self-confidence, humor, and being one’s own person with granddaughter. 
  • Sharing a family meal with them and their folks (son and daughter-by-marriage) and watching the ease at which the comfortableness flowed.

So grateful.

  • Meeting with a Mentor and ‘business’ confidant who soooo ‘get’s me’ and what I am envisioning, and aids me in crafting a better JourneyWorks … and a “better” (bolder, brighter) me.
  • Attending a Wisdom Weds gathering for the 1st time …. having yearned to go for months while up in Baltimore.  


  • Meeting with a like-minded decades-long friend and talking-the-talk about connections and encouragement, and celebrating the “IS-ness” of what lies ahead. For each of us. 
  • Sharing a meal and several hours of deep reflection with an emotional and mental  doppleganger.  (Soooo true a description as the word ‘doppleganger’ literally means double walker – as in  ‘a shadow of yourself!!’)  We have spend nearly 20 years savoring each other’s insights and deep awarenesses of this journey, and challenging each other’s shadow sides when either of us veers from the Truth of Who We Are.

Such thankfulness.  

  • Meeting up with another friend and spending an entire evening celebrating his successes with his healing and wellness (his Knowing!); celebrating his move to an environment that is serene, and green!  Lush with grasses, trees, see-forever night skies and stars.  Laughing and truth-telling and encouragements all around.

And so it is. For the next week+ I’m going to be ‘straddling’ time zones ~ this time 12.1 miles apart. Seriously! (It’s going to be a hoot attempting to remember which-is-where on this part of the road trip.)   I’m on an adventure to Find ~ Recognize ~ Embrace.  I’ll  be in Port St. Joe, and doing business between there and Mexico Beach. 12.1 miles.  Hahaha !! Ha.  PSJ is EST;  MB is CST.  This is going to be interesting. (Not quite calculating “pi” ~ yet a bit of mental juggling.) It is also going to be fun, inviting, intriguing, and satisfying. Deeply.  Knoweth me. ‘Cuz I struck a deal with the ether… and it is saying Yes.