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“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”
     ~  John Gardner.  

Seems I’ve been in the midst of Life this past week. The willingness to forego the frantic search for an eraser (or 10 !!) has allowed me to draw some pretty interesting scenes. (Actually ~ it has allowed the scenes to unfold in their own glory.)

Truth be told ~ I have simply (hahahaha – oh ….. whew!) chosen to be in the moments and feel the differentness without judging ‘good or bad.’  This has also brought an awareness that I need climb off the canvas, as it were, and recognize how many times I have run a scenario in Mind about what is about to occur. Pre-drew the scene yet to unfold. Where the brush or pencil is to make this stroke or that. (The “she-said/he-said, she’s gonna do/he’s gonna do.”) The minutiae of the encounter. Important distinction ~ and awareness.  Folks ~ that’s exhausting!  It is narrowing, confining, limiting. Even if I am wanting to draw a marvelous Monet’s-worth of beauty !!  It limits.
Interesting paradox, isn’t it?

I truly believe that one must envision what it is they want:  all the bells and whistles, streamers and confetti. The END results. High-side. Positive and empowering. Right ~ for Self.
However ~ another important distinction here ~ the filling in the blanks (or canvas) “is not my job.”  MY job is to be here. Acutely Here. Paying attention yet eschewing hypervigilance. If I had not done this over and over the past week, I would have missed (or mistaken ~ or mismanaged ~ or misunderstood……) :

  • the fun of texting ‘progress reports’ to loved ones as I traveled the map southward
  • finding a wallet in a restroom at a market somewhere south of Birmingham, heard the Muses say ‘hold on to it’, google searching the individual, connecting with her and have a thoroughly enjoyable 25min conversation. (She’s a veterinarian ~ left the traditional vet clinic ~ and started her own business traveling and making housecalls. Connecting with people and their pets. Where the need is.)  By the way, she was a bit stunned that someone was choosing to return the wallet, in tact, and pay the postage to do so!
  • mentioning my desire to locate temp housing while in this area, and the hosts of the vrbo stating…. “I know someone who is getting ready to find a renter.”
  • meeting with said someone and mate, and discover they are from Kentucky. Are like-minded. Had been several times to Olmstead, Ky (a dot in the road) where sister Annie lived and wrote. One is a “recovering” mental health worker, and the other traveled the world as a kid/teen with parents who were employed with a global corporation. Huh! Go figger!  Points of reference.
  •  Being gifted at different times: a hot waffle, chocolate covered strawberries, half a dozen organic eggs ~ all from the hosts where I am staying
  •  meeting up with the VP of Development at a major land development industry in the area and, because I chose to listen, be-in-the-room, stay focused, had an hour and a half conversation with her vs a 20-minute ‘networking’ moment.  [Knoweth me, more to be revealed and build from there!!!]
  • Going with hosts (one of whom was in…) a local theatre production ala SNL and laughing and laughing … and being introduced to another person in the area who may have potential additional lodging down the road a bit.

I lived life without reaching for the erasers. Oh…. I wanted to several times … things I thought in the-advance or the moment that were ‘not going to be’ quite what I wanted. Yet …let it unfold.  It’s really a pretty nifty way to experience Life. Things fall into place. The High-Side Positive and Empowering End Results have room to grow. 
And so do I.