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If you have a goal, write it down. If you do not write it down,
you do not have a goal,you have a wish.
~  Steve Maraboli

Ouch! There’s something rather ‘perverse’ about me that I resonate with quotes that simply cut-to-the-chase. Side-stepping vagaries, and saying it like it is. Kindly, not cruelly. Yet … matter-of-fact-ly. Such, to me, is Maraboli’s quote.

For folks I ‘work’ with, and for many who are acquainted with me, there is an understanding that I am a huge believer in the power of the written (as well as the spoken) word. When Coaching, one of the ‘homework’ assignments is to write down what one desires, not simply from Coaching ~ but from Life itself. What one wants to find and incorporate into their life and world. Forward focusing. Putting one’s wants, dreams, desires in writing becomes a tangible piece of evidentiary. It is no longer a ‘secret’ kept inside one’s personal thoughts. Even if this written sentence, or list, is never shown to another, it still exists as a type of contract from self to Self. An acknowledgment of what truly matters. And unless one is ‘blowing smoke’ to and with themselves (which has definitely been known to happen), being able to truthfully state what one truly wants is an enlightening and often empowering experience.

IF one chooses to keep that written word in the forefront of their Mind, or … even become brazen and tape it to the bathroom mirror …. or more daring … attaching it to the refrigerator door where others could see it as well, there is no way to avoid recognizing the effort (or lack there of) in moving steadily toward that Want. The ‘goal’ that Steve refers to.

And IF there is yuk-in-the-gut every time one looks at the written words, especially when there is a truthful acknowledgment that effort has not gone forward/toward that Want, then this too becomes data. What are the hang-ups? What is the resistance? Is one people-pleasing others because ……their Wants are different from your’s? ‘They’ don’t think you ‘should’ Want what you want? Even your Committee Members don’t think you ‘should’ want what you Want ….. ? Fascinating ! Take time to love and appreciate the data in the resistance. There is truth (even a smidgen) in there. The Truth is always valuable. Choice then becomes: what to do with It.

IF, on the other hand, there are yeehaws-and-big-grins every time one looks at the written words, then celebrate self. Put a star on the Wheaties chart. (Huh. Some folks will get that reference, others will not.) Take a moment to see the evidence, and give thanks. Give thanks to Self for the commitment to bring forth a truer version of a Life desired. And, have appreciation for all people / places / things / and events that ‘conspired’ with you. Give thanks. Stay forward-focused. Give thanks. Keep doing what works.

Time to review those ‘things’ you have said you Want. Time to make a new (or renewed) commitment and declaration of what you Want. Time to stop Wishing and begin the manifesting of what you Want. Allow the imaginal winds to blow.. Stand ready to receive ~ both tiny pieces and large chunks. Have your written Word become your bond ~ with yourself. Be courageous. The World will be grateful !!

Feel free to share your thoughts.

Lin Church, Mssw
Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter: JourneyWoman