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“The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.”

~  Nisargadatta Mahara

There is a Knowing, when one chooses to step out of the chaos and drama, to become the Observer ~ removed from the emotionality of a situation ~ where there can be a series of moments which allows one (if they so choose) to see and to evaluate, to look for other potential reasons and outcomes, to begin defining solutions other than emotional reactivities and OMGs to what is transpiring. (And often, “what is transpiring” hasn’t yet happened!! Such is the power of projection.)

The mind and the Mind are powerful tools. I find, for myself, the small-m mind is reactive; the big-M Mind is responsive. (I can spend time here discussing the neural pathways and synaptic responses of chemical chain-reactions of neuro peptides secreted in association with every emotion felt ~ or, you too can be fascinated by doing that research.) Suffice it to say many of the reactions one feels-thus-thinks are Pavlovian. It takes a concerted effort to recognize this and to choose to come from a place of living (thinking) Consciously. “From the heart” as it were. Choosing to step back, reframe, and consciously choose what I call High Side potentials of or about a situation. Think-and-thus-feel (darned interesting paradox!) positive, loving thoughts (to self first and foremost) . Did the person behind me in the grocery line bump into me because they are an inconsiderate ass, or were they focusing on something mad / sad / scared inside their own head and not even aware of their own place in space, much less me and mine?

And … truth be told … how often do I live the same way?  Ouch!!

Abysses (abyssi ??) are scary upon first glance. The word itself has an ominous ‘tone.’  And yes, when there is an immediate reaction (emotion) that “something” is different and potentially threatening, the mind runs with that. Fight, flight or freeze. Whether there is validity to that immediate reaction is another story. Thus, the need for the Observer:  evaluate, assess, gauge, analyze the data. It is simply data.  Rattlesnake or garter snake? (Or a really big freakin’ worm?!!). Leaving the emotions aside for a moment allows for processing. Clarity arises. And, then, if choosing to find the silver lining, uplifting emotional responses can burble up, allowing Crossing. From the Mind and heart.

Process the conundrums, find potentially different meanings, make new plans. Empower yourself and your Self. It’s all perspective.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

Lin Church, Mssw

Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman