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The Impossible

Start by doing what is necessary.

Then do what’s possible;

and suddenly,  you’re doing the impossible.

— Saint Francis of Assisi

That’s impossible!!

          Is “impossibility” a lack of Vision?

That’ll never work !!    

         Is the naysayer afraid of failing … or you succeeding?

That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard!. 

         Is this judgment based on remembering their own past?

Do a reality check.

        Whose reality?

When faced with a task that initially feels arduous (or nigh-on impossible), those first steps of ‘necessary’ truly create the momentum to carry one far beyond those early paralyzing fears. Whether it is speaking one’s truth in a wavering voice, standing up when one would rather slink down, saying No rather than giving in, or saying Yes when it scares the bajazus outta you …. those first steps are truly as precious as any infant-turned-toddler.  (Which you’ve already done, by the way!  Woohoo!  Track record !!)

Those steps ~ that movement ~ brings a bit of clarity about what is … suddenly … possible. Wow, I could do this … that … the other. More options present themselves. Which does one choose?  Any.  It’s movement. There will be greater clarity as one moves along.  Oops! Not that way it seems. Ok. Shift. Do another or different piece of possible. And another. And another.  Keep doing it. Listen to yourself, not the naysayers. Ask trusted mentors for ideas or guidance ~ yet remembering that YOU choose the best possible FOR YOU.

Cash in that reality check. Turn it into bitcoin. Transfer it over into a cache of ideas and visions that you see forming within your own Mind about what you can and “can’t” do.  {For fun, here’s a ‘did you know?’ An ant can carry about 500+ times it’s own body weight. “That’s impossible!”  And the next time someone thinks your full-of-**it, say ‘thanks! I’m like a dung beetle!‘  {who are known to lift 1100-times their body weight. That’s like you  lifting 180-thousand pounds!!} Tell “that’ll never work” to the dung beetle!!


Lin Church, Mssw.  Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman