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 “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wiser, so I am changing myself.”



Ah…. to be wiser. And …. it really has nothing to do with age. Assuredly, some ‘distance’ from that necessary youthful cockiness is necessary yet that distance can occur at 19, or 34, or … . {However, arrogance on the other hand, lives at any age post potty-training !!}

While the definitions of clever are many (intelligent, bright, or smart;  deft, nimble, astute;  skillful, adroit or quick-witted), how and where these attributes are applied to life makes a huge difference. Championing causes, aiding the planet and humanity, working for the rights of those who don’t recognize they have a voice are all noble efforts. However (ooohhhh ~ here it comes) if there is a hidden personal agenda that is the impetus for championing, aiding and/or working for, then it really isn’t about the focus of attention, it is about negative ego.  {Wowzer, that ought to get a rise from some folks!}

Wisdom on the other hand, while encompassing many of the qualities of ‘clever,’ has a more honest, humble approach. (Not sackcloth and ashes ~ simply humility.)  One is more aware of what their own foibles are. The supporting of a cause is joined to be pro-active ~ not anti-someone, some thing, some event. To be “anti” is ego. To truly be ‘pro’ is wisdom. (The word “pro” is attached to many things when in actuallity it’s underlying theme is anti the opposite.) Honest wisdom  ~ gained from honest self-examination. Introspection. Recognizing that even an incremental healthy, healing change internally creates greater ease, and strength, AND empowerment.  Wow ~ Imagine helping change the world from that place !

It takes courage to look at changing.

It is a courageous and loving act to implement that change.

Yet please know:  Your change will change the world. This I know.



Lin Church, Mssw.  Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman