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C = Connect: First with and within yourself, then with other like-minded folks. It’s a cup-filler ! No need for it to be ‘the masses.’ Connecting simply with one or two or three others is as powerful. In person; on line; by phone; sharing a meal or a cuppa ~ there’s no ‘wrong’ way.

I = Integrity: Come in to all connections ‘out there’ with your You in alignment with what you believe is ‘good and true.’ People-pleasing is exhausting, and takes you out of alignment, as you are then living a lie. Be true to you.

R = Response-ability: The Ability-to-Respond. Be mindful of your energy levels, life events, and choose to connect with others in a manner in which you can wholeheartedly ‘be in the room.’ Honor yourself. That way, when you connect, you also honor them.

C = Community: Identify one avenue ‘out there’ and link up. No, this doesn’t mean you have to join (yet you can if you want to). Discovery and connection can be done via the web as you check out that ‘something’ that interests you, via the local library or community center, via a chat-room or blog, via a comment you heard someone speak that sparked your interest.

L = Laughter: Lighten up ! Allow laughter and ‘silliness’ and playfulness to flow naturally and with ease.

E = Enjoyment: It’s okay to enjoy life and the folks you connect with. It’s okay to enjoy being with and by yourself. It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. Revel in living In Joy.