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“Words are so powerful they should only be used to heal, to bless, and to prosper.”

~  Virginia Satir, M.S. 

This is an all-time favorite quote of mine by an all-time ‘favorite’ person whose teachings and life I deeply admire. {Huh. I dream one day of someone having that type of thought about me. Wow. What a legacy that would be!}

In the Boundaries post recently, I ended it with a portion of Satir’s above quote. I am now following through with the fullness of her words, lending an ‘amen sista‘ to the essence, and giving myself the task (again … and again, and again…) of living and speaking {and writing} in such a manner so that what I say and write IS used to heal, to bless, and to prosper those I come in contact with.  The added beauty of this is wrapped up in the gift and concept of ‘tithe,’ law of attraction, karma, or bees-to-honey:  what I give out is returned to me in abundant ways.

That last sentence could be interpreted in back-scratching, as in I’ll scratch your’s if you scratch mine.  It could be about selfishness and the desire for recognition and plaudits. It could be about the desperate need of codependency’s I did this for you, you owe me. It could be about those things. (If it is, then it’s time to recalibrate the “intention” and mindset of the giver.) For tithing, law of attraction, karma, and the sting of bees is what will get returned from acts and words of agrandizement, greed, phony falseness, martyrdom, and other ‘hidden agendas.’

Those examples are in no-way-shape-or-form what Ms. Satir was making reference to and affirming. What her life’s work affirmed. One does not add healing to another (be it physically, mentally, or emotionally) with lies. One does not bless another with platitudes. One does not prosper the well-being of another with the ‘false coin’ of negative-ego driven words for the sake of manipulation.

If one finds themselves surrounded by PPTE that do nothing to enhance a life, think on that. If one has invited in such people, places, things and events, think on that. If one continues to allow those invitees to remain, even by ‘default’ (by choosing a “there’s nothing I can do” mindset,) then one has extended the invitation. Think on that.  

Those invitees may be human, on television (both commercials AND news sources), on different web sites, on the phone, on social platforms.  You’ve invited them in.  Ask yourself ~ is the communication with each towards me healing, loving, full of blessings for me and my life, affirming, instilling hope and prosperity not only for myself and my environment … yet also for the greater world, one person at a time … beginning with me?  Think. On. That.

If not, I encourage all to begin deeper healing of Self. Greater blessings to Self. Celebration and acceptance of prosperity in all realms for Self. As I do this more and more and more, an amazing thing happens:  from that sweet wellspring I have the empowerment to dip into those nurturing waters and share generously with others. That’s Satir’s message. That’s my interpretation ~ and my message to you. 

Heal. Bless. Prosper.   And …  namaste’.