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The Way

“Every step of the way is the Way.”

~  Rev Dr Christian Sorensen, DD.

Hmmmmm.  Not fate. Not karma. Not the limiting beliefs of those a’fore ya, or genetics, family history and current dynamics, OPOs (those pesky opinions of others), or the HOA. Ha! Not the politicians or the commercials or the news. Unless you give each and every one the Power. The power to choose how and what you think as truth. Truth and travel your Way.

I believe each and every one “among us” (including each of us!) has a gift to give. A calling. A Way. The quintessential essence of who you showed up as and are meant to be. Soul-flow as it were. 

Some listen and move in that direction. Some don’t know TO listen. Some don’t know HOW to listen. Some listen and pooh-pooh because….see first paragraph. 

Doesn’t mean the individual Way doesn’t exist.

So, for every one of the rough mile markers…..often referred to as an oops, stumble, trip-and-fall, buckets of uncertainty, blind-pieces-of-obedience, wall-crashing, and other parts of often-endless limiting mental chatter, this too is and will continue to be the Way. You are traveling it. (Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.) You are on YOUR Way. 

Whether you’re doing a Robert Frost impersonation and quietly choosing a path less traveled, or brazenly acting like one of the Flying Wallendas, every step is leading down your Way.  And, you can also choose to personify Rabbit or Eeyore a’la 100 Acre Woods ~ stubborn, pessimistic. Oh, and let’s not forget Road Runner’s  Wile E. Coyote. Out to catch ya and prove me right/you wrong. Again, every step is leading you down your Way. (It simply makes it a long l-o-n-g way to your Way.)

For me, the ah-ha’s came when I began to lean into understanding that there are messages-and-insights in each piece of oops, and yes, wall-crashing too. The mental, physical, psyche pain is not my enemy. It is simply clamoring for my attention. It is one of a multitude of teachers on my way, and guiding my Way.

I can learn, release, embrace. I can ignore, and get more of those lessons. I can celebrate and clear the path. I can dance and giggle and shout halleluyah. Knowing I am on my Way.   Easy or hard.

My choice.  Your’s too.

I so hope to meet more of you on the Way.