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Ask Away

“….love the questions….. “

~Rainer Maria Rilke, (1875-1926). Austrian author and poet. 

I’ve heard the phrase “love the question” countless times in different recovery and ‘journey’ communities & teachings for  several decades now.  Hacked me off in the beginning. Then….later….as I understood the intent….I began to… well… love the question!  Hahahaha.

A hundred years after Rilke, Ryan Alexander (social activist and bridge-builder) puts it another way:  “Observe, ask questions, get curious.”

Still a relevant encouragement.

Because, you see, I found out that in the ‘question’ lies the vast potential for answers, and sometimes (oooooh!) The answer.

Yet…..(to paraphrase Shakespeare) ‘therein lies the rub.’  One has to be willing to search for answers. Be open to answers. And a Real answer that far surpasses the petty and pouty rote responses. (Including your own!  hahahaha).

One that delves into the ‘why’ beneath that petty and pouty, party affiliation, familial message, favorite color, facebook said, and other knee-jerk responses.  As you ask, Listen. The ‘gut’ will know if their responses are full of their own insecurities, prejudices, justifications or rationalizations.  (Trust me, “just because” is ludicrous. And infantile. A thumb-sucking response. Ouch!)

In asking a real question there is, basically, the seeking of Understanding. Of Knowledge. Clarity. Of personal Vision. Inner- and outer-world changers!!  Wowzer!!!!!

Ask away!

Uh….Spoiler alert:  Prior to asking some ‘them’, it also helps if first…. I look at why I am asking my why.  Is it my own insecurities, prejudices, justifications or rationalizations? Double ouch.  

(Huh.  Okay.  Love the question!)  

And if so, I need to Work on my own ‘stuff’ by asking Myself the why.  For these types of questions, It ain’t about them, babe!  (Pssst….it’s an honest program. Self-honesty can ouch too!)

In either (or both) cases….Ask away!