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“Maturity starts when drama ends.”

     ~  Attributed to Martha Angginta, Blogger. 

I spent my t’weens and teens in Seoul, South Korea, about 30 miles from the DMZ, a demarcation that signifies a separated North and South Korea;  a ‘buffer zone’. (DMZ stands for “demilitarized zone,” a type of ‘no-man’s land’ wherein neither country can occupy it, nor have any military operations.

One of the purposes is to establish a place for and of peace ~ or at least no conflict. Considering this particular DMZ is about a mile-and-a-half wide, that’s not a whole lotta room for peace in a still divided-country roughly 685 miles long. (Nerd-Lin alert:  That ‘room’ works out to 0.0021897810218978104 of the length of the whole Ha!)

I got to thinking about the DMZ when I decided to establish an NDZ for myself this new year.  In my creation, an NDZ is a “No Drama Zone.”  This is a mental and physical place of focused attention to those things that matter in my upliftment, deserve my attention because they bring creative answers for the betterment of…. and healthy solutions. All things I am desiring in my life. A mature life, void (as much as possible, to the best of my present ability) of ain’t-it-awful, what the Jones’ (or Johnsons’ or….) are doing that gets judged as wrong, rehashing someone else’s drama ~ or heaven forbid, my own! 

Maturity is not necessarily ‘adulting,’ that much bandied-about phrase. For me, maturity relates to being focused on those values I hold for me, and LIVING them. My life, not others’ values and choices. Simply enough, if I lived next to a toxic or polluted pond, I don’t go skinny dipping in it! I sure as heck don’t drink the water.  My NDZ means I don’t drink or swim in mentally and emotionally polluted waters either.

Huh. What a mature decision.  It feels good too. 

2023 – aspirations and wants.  Hopes.  I’m choosing to live in this No Drama Zone.

I invite you to create your own.

(Psssst….Let’s compare notes in about 11 months.  Miracles abound!)