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Send Me A Sign!

If your waiting for a sign this is it.


I amaze ~ or actually amuse ~ myself at the number of times I have waited, put off, delayed, and sometimes downright avoided a piece of forward movement …..

Waiting for:  Someone else getting back to me with information;  someone else confirming an appointment or a request;  someone else performing some task;  someone else… get the picture. That’s about someone else.

Waiting for: a certain day-of-the-week, month-of-the-year, phase-of-the-moon. Time of day, traffic patterns, weather forecasts. Waiting, waiting, waiting.  For the ‘sign.’  That’s about those externals over which I have no control.

Then, there are the times I’m “not ready” to make movement or a decision because I:  don’t want to stir up an already confusing situation; don’t want to put forth the effort {usually because I am wanting a ‘softer, gentler way‘}; feel emotionally and/or physically tired to do one-more-thing that incorporates change; or … don’t honestly admit I just-don’t-wanna!  These now, these are all about me.

Wherever I fall in these above spectrums {spectri?!}, I am still playing a waiting game. Waiting for It, for others, for myself. Waiting for that Sign.
Novel idea.  Make up my own sign.  Give myself permission to do … or not do. 

Then do (or don’t do) it.

Huh. Couldn’t be that simple ….. could it?