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Your Own Mind

“Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.”

~  Ralph Waldo Emerson:  Self Reliance.  

The integrity of my Mind.  VERY powerful statement ~ and re-Minder that beyond all else, only I am responsible for my own integrity. How I choose to live in alignment with my beliefs. My boundaries. My inner Knowings that I, and only I, know are the right answers for me. The honorable and right direction. For me.

With all of the political debates, all the bizarre and ferocious weather events. all the hyperbole in texts and facebooks and tweets, it can be difficult, to say the least, to quiet the surroundings and quiet the Mind in order to find the blessed silence that is such a prerequisite of Knowing what one’s beliefs, boundaries, and eventual integral actions will be.

If there arises uncertainty about what one thinks, believes, Knows …. it is helpful to have The List of what DOES matter, deeply, to self. Utilize this as the litmus test as one goes about making an informed decision, and then ultimately, a choice. Items can include:

  • How do I wish to be treated, and 
  • How do I wish to treat others
  • What passions do I hold dear
  • What are my deep, firm boundaries (usually a short list)
  • What non-tangibles are a mainstay (ie: recovery, spiritualality, nature, etc.

If, at any time, an issue ~ situation ~ opinion ~ choice ~ does not meet the above self-defined criteria, then stop forward- movement until understanding and solutions are found. Choices of Integrity are made. Then, you’ll know the direction to follow. You already have the Map (The List).

Tall order. Can be contentious and confusing. Can create “interesting” conversations with others. Yet I gar-un-tee, life (and thoughts ~ and actions) will move with great fluidity. To be in alignment with one’s Integrity of Mind is a beautiful, uplifting feeling.

More power to you !!