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Nothing Good, Nothing Bad

Bill, Bill, Bill ~ words of wisdom that have stood the test of time. Reminds me of a zen parable that, in Lin-fashion, I’ll paraphrase:

Once upon a time in a land far away, there was an farmer.  This farmer had a horse. O day, the horse ran away. All the neighbors said, “Oh !  How terrible.”  The farmer said, “Maybe yes, maybe no.”

Then not long after, the horse returned. With it, the horse brought along a bunch of wild stallions. All the neighbors said, “Oh! How wonderful.”  The farmer said, “Maybe yes, maybe no.”

The farmer’s eldest son wanted to train the wild stallions. He mounted one, and and was bucked, being thrown to the ground and breaking his leg.  The neighbors said, “Oh! how terrible.” The farmer responded “Maybe yes, maybe no.”

A few days later, the army came marching into the small village. There was a war and the king demanded that all able-bodied young men join them in their battle. The farmer’s son, with the broken leg, was spared. Again, all the neighbors said, “Oh! how wonderful!”  The farmer said…….  🙂

So … what’s going on in your world that you may be judging as  “terrible?”  More than anything, for me, is to have the Conscious recognition of the positive potentials and possibilities that can arise from any situation. Turning the ‘judging’ into an objective evaluation ~ and giving a bit of creative-thought room to grow. What do you want to turn into growth?

Envision only what feeds your journey.  Namaste’  Lin