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Lotsa Little

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot.”

~ Tanzanian proverb..  

Thinking about this quite a bit the past several months. Coincides with other adages I’ve heard and learned, such as  “baby steps” and… “one day at a time,” and… “first things first,” and even “in for a penny, in for a pound.”   They all recognize and advocate movement and change.  Bit-by-bit. (The UN-reality of “overnight successes” touted by the tabloids and infomercials not withstanding.)

Doesn’t matter what the “It” is.  ‘BIG’ or ‘small’ the process is the same:  Unpacking a box (ha!), creating a new job or career, trying out a recipe, becoming a parent, using an unfamiliar tool, saying good-bye to a loved one, purchasing a couch, hiring new staff, reading strange-to-you teachings that somehow resonate.  It doesn’t matter.  The healthy, empowering process is the same. 

KISS (keep it simple, sweetie) Simplicity. (Don’t complicate water. Ha!)  Breathing. Conscious contact with self. 

Listening to heart and Mind (what I refer to as inner Knowing, because you DO know what you really want). Being honest with Self. No bs’ing or latching on to OPOs pretending it is your truth.

Stepping in to Curiosity.  Dreaming.  Ideas.  Envisioning (including vision-boards or story-boarding if that appeals to you.)

Planning.  Pen-to-paper (or fingers to keyboard).  Research.  Investigating.  Asking questions. Assessing. Re-assessing (is ‘this’ what you thought it was?). Maybe tweaking. 

Believing.  Out-picturing.  Screwing up one’s confidence. (Gulp ~ even asking for help, or partnership, or moral support.)  

Taking a step.  Then another.

Because of this bit-by-bit:

  • That box gets unpacked and the treasures it held are placed, or passed forward. 
  • There’s a start date for the new career. 
  • The recipe turned out better than okay. 
  • Feeling more prepared to guide, love and mentor a child. 
  • Now you know how an awl or router works.
  • You’ve said a good good-bye to that loved one and feel deeper peace. 
  • The couch looks fabomundo in that space.
  • The new hires are a win-win fit.
  • The previously unfamiliar readings and teachings fill that empty space in Spirit.

Wow!!!!   Who knew!?

You did.  Because “little by little, a little becomes a lot.”