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“You don’t  have  a life. You are life.”

~  Eckhart Tolle.

 “You are life.”


I had to let this really sink in.  The reality ~ and beauty ~ of those simple three words. I’m not having a life experience, I AM life ~ experiencing.

“You are life.”

A statement. No qualifiers or exceptions.  Simplicity.  

Imagine the impact that teaching would have had if it had been passed on as Truth, words-of-wisdom and guidance in kidhood. Hell’s bells ~ from birth! I firmly believe there would then be soooo much less anxiety, busy-busy-busy, fears, greed, numbness, measuring-up-to-the-Jones’ (who are busy measuring up to the Smiths, who are busy measuring up to the Clarks, who …..well, you get the picture) in this Today folks inhabit all over this planet. Imagine that.

Funny thing too, cuz I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard the phrase ‘You need to get a life!’  or  ‘What are you doing [or planning on doing] with your life?’ (And yes, I have said this myself, and even TO myself!)  As if the ‘who’ existence of You isn’t good enough:  just needs a  s-m-i-d-g-e  more to be considered a valid existence. To measure up. Sigh.

A ‘huh’ question to ask self:  what about me needs to be bigger than Life itself?  Hmmm.

Decades ago, there was a biographical documentary-type show, first on radio and then on television, called “This Is Your Life.”  This seemed to celebrate the You-Are-Life time. Alive and in person. (Especially rather than a Celebration of Life ceremony once I have croaked. Ha!)  

You. Right here and right now ARE Life. Celebrate that. Express the joy ~ the gratitude ~ the passion of Being Life however you choose to. Caveat: do no harm to other Life in this expression.

THAT would be a Brave New World!

That’s my thought for today (even though I will have to re-Mind myself countless times):: BE Life. Think it may also be time to re-read Tolle’s ‘Power of Now’. (Oh, and If you have not had the opportunity to read it, highly suggest doing so. If you have, and like me, forgotten so much beyond the essence of the writings and teachings, highly suggest re-doing so.