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Less Clean-Up

“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion….I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.”

     ~  Kurt Vonnegut – satirical novelist. (11/11/1922 – 4/11/2007).  

I too have a quirky (some say satirical) sense of humor. Maybe that’s why Vonnegut’s quote tickled my funny bone. I find that as I go through the day there are numerous people’s actions and utterances, things, places, and events (especially newscasts) that bring about a quick-witted thought … and sometimes, to my ever-so-slight embarrassment, actual utterances. (Seemed I spoke that thought outloud. Ha!)

The main thing I want to say is “Lighten Up!!”

The benefits of humor and laughter on brain chemistry, cardiovascular health, gut-secretions & health, and stretching those facial muscles upwards (oh, screw botox!) is well documented, scientifically studied, and prescribed by professionals in the fields of internal medicine, immunology, infectious disease, oncology, addictionology, neurology, physical therapy, serotology, enterology, psychology, …and even by podiatrists.  (Hey ~ never heard of ‘happy feet?’ Ha!) (Plus, it’s a great movie !!) 

Spiritual- and faith-leaders, hospice workers, disaster-relief responders, all know the benefits of laughter as well. Ask a cop or firefighter or EMT about a sense of humor. (Outsiders may consider it ‘dark’ or “inappropriate” ~ yet you do the jobs they do and see where lack of humor gets you.)

There is healing – body, mind and spirit – that takes place within even a nanosecond of laughter. 

So again, the main thing I want to re-say is “Lighten Up!!”

Oh!  Did you hear the one about the skeleton who walked into the bar …..*

Namaste’    Lin

(*get in touch if you want to hear the punchline)