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“Laughter is carbonated holiness”

 ~  Anne Lamott. 

Have been reading (and listening to) quite a number of things recently that brought a smile, a grin, and even an outright bark of laughter. Many of the articles, conversations, etc. were often not meant to be humorous ~ at least via the teller or writer’s perspective:  be it news, recent predictions of catastrophe, ain’t-it-awful-ings, and on (and on and on). I found humor.

For some reason (long ago formed in my psyche and perspectives?) I either grab hold with my fertile imagination and say “Giddy up”, or the funny-bone attached where-ever-it-attaches is ever-so-slightly bent, and from these places laughter comes burbling out. I find pristine moments when I happen to be around another who shares the laughter of the ironic, and the laughter of the absurd, peoples and their foibles (me and MY foibles!), the laughter of spontaneous silliness. I feel uplifted.

I’m less of a ‘3 Stooges’ kinda gal, and more a George Carlin or Christopher Titus fan. I’ll take Whoopi over Lucy any day. Bless Gilda Radner. (Gene Wilder too). It’s also fun to discover new comedians out there today. I admire those folks who have taken living-life to an art and arc of humor.  I find connection..

The physiological effects have been well-documented for decades. The psychological effects as well.  With this quote I find the spiritual effects of laughter are about joy, upliftment, connection. A trinity.  All things holy.

I recenter and move forward. I laugh a little. I laugh alot! 

I invite you to come along!