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Ah Grasshopper!

“Let go, grasshopper.”

  ~  Master Po:  KungFu TV series. 

Funny how a line from a TV show or movie, and even some classic commercials from years gone by still sits around in memory. I’ve got several I say (mostly to myself) that either humor me, or just as likely ‘say what I’m wanting to say’ to someone else, sometimes with succinctness that doesn’t require further explanation.

(Of course, it’s also helpful when the other party is privy to the dialog from that same movie, show or commercial! Otherwise, I end up receiving a very-blank-look ~ and …..well, it then takes more explaining from me that, by the end of the ‘splainin,’ gets lost in the spontaneity of the moment. Hmmmm….kinda like now. HA!)

The message I sent out earlier this past weekend to folks I work Coaching and sounding-board(-ing) with, included this reMinder:  Let’s connect to bid a HEALTHY buh-bye to 2021 (even the ‘good stuff’ …. which is thanked with great gratitude…. and Released!)  Releasing the Good??!!! “Veddy intrusting” (Schultz – Hogan’s Heroes). 

Yes. The good, the bad, the ugly. (Guess!)  

Release with fond farewells. Or, release with ‘out out damn’d spot; out I say!’ (Lady Macbeth). 

Review:  Relish the savory.   Do a Requiem for the rotten. 

See if there’s a ‘lesson’ (or pony) in there somewhere. 

Grin a grin, or wipe a brow (exclaiming sotto breath “well – that’s mutha’s done with.“) Either/Or.  Review.  Release.  Move into creating more space to accept the New. Now.

Yup. “That’s the ticket!”  (‘Tommy Flanagan’ [Jon Lovitz] ~ Saturday Night Live.)

More ponderings and elaborations thereof, next year. Thank you for reading.  Namaste’  Lin