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I loved getting this fortune cookie. I laughed (a bit abashedly) and recognized ‘how true!‘ as I quickly contemplated all the ‘things’ that I thought (judged) were in need of some Lin’s-opinion change.  How humbling to have a thin slab of dough and a tiny strip of paper bring one in to re-alignment.  {Blush !}  Again. {Double blush !!}

If one believes in Source Energy {by what ever name}, if one believes that divine-right action is taking place, if one believes that they have response-ability for events that are taking place in their microcosmic outer world {a manifestation of beliefs alive-and-well in their inner world}, then ….’everything is perfect in the universe.’  If one believes they are ‘here’ to make an impact {large or infinitesimal} for the greater good of others {mineral, vegetable, animal – including the human}, then there will be an awareness and a calling for …. ‘your desire to improve it.’

The ‘trick’ is to step out of the blame-game, step out of judging from the perspective of a moral compass that is pretty well skewed along the lines of past events in one’s life that have been labeled ‘good’ and ‘bad’ … and projected onto everyone else, step back … and breathe.  Step forward … into self-examination, looking at the world-around-you with the wonder and curiosity that was equally alive-and-well in childhood, explore the ‘why’ to gain mature understanding {someone else’s reasons for thus-and-so makes more sense, often builds more compassion, elicits more empathy, enhances gratitude for one’s own journey}, … and then, the ‘issue’ can either be let go, or can be utilized as an impetus to create change. For Self, first and foremost. For others, if appropriate. {Psst… ask first ! Otherwise, you’ve just circled back around to judging.}  Wow !  All this from a fortune cookie. Again, how fun !

Let’s find a fit. Stand up and take your place in this universe ! The more, the merrier!! Be willing to see the perfection around you.  Also … inside of you.    Namaste’  Lin

Feel free to share your thoughts on this post. I love having the dialogue !

Lin Church, Mssw

Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman