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Practice: STEPS

steps of truth

 “The further one dares to go, the more decent, the more personal, the more unique a life becomes.”

  ~  Rainer Maria Rilke.  

S –  Serenity:  It was a toss-up between ‘Serenity’ and ‘Spiritual Connectedness’ yet, for me, they are one and the same.  As I choose to “go to my happy place” (hahaha) I find I center in the overarching Knowing that, no matter what occurs (and no matter my human-reaction to it):  I Am.  I Am whole, perfect and complete;  I Am divinely protected at all times.  I Am Safe;  I Am ….. (whatever your supportive grounding “I Am’s” are, get inserted here). Be it  sometimes-swiftly or sometimes-slowly, when I get that mental tap on Consciousness’ shoulder, I step down from my high horse, or step up from the pits of ‘ain’t it awful,’ take a Breath, and step into a place of serenity. From there I can take Steps toward creating the next piece of movement towards the desire and goal of what-I-want-to-create.  

T –  Touchstone:  Touchstones have been both physical or mental constructs used by multitudes for generations. By definition, a touchstone is a (tangible or mental) concrete foundation upon which knowledge (Knowing) is constructed by the ‘user.’  A tried-and-true “test or criterion for determining the quality or genuineness of a situation or thing.”  Everyone has their own touchstone by which they judge a SPPTE (a situation, person, place, thing, or event).  A healthy touchstone is centering and steady. A pull-back into the basic underlying you-ness of You. A guiding principle, value, deeply (deeply) held sense of who and what Self believes about Self and the World. Inner world and outer. If you are not certain what your’s is, take time to check out those closely held beliefs. Are they honoring? Are they predicated in fears and angst? When one weeds through old social messages, shoulds, and have-to’s, then the solidity and the grace of your personal touchstone reveals itself. It forms a firm foundation on which to stand (sit, lean, dance), before taking Steps outward and onward.     

E –  Evaluation: When I am in a centered and serene place, and connected with my Touchstone, I can, with confidence and without b-s’ing myself, take an honest look at the pieces and parts of what’s going on that either impedes or propels where I am wanting to move toward. It’s possible the ‘steps’ I initially envisioned are not anchored in what is now-perceived as ‘do-able.’  Make some adjustments!  It’s okay to do that!  Also, this is a great time of evaluating the rightness of where I am!. There’s sooooo much emphasis on moving into the ‘new’ that feelings of not-good-enough convolute the realization that ‘here’ is exactly where I want to be. Satisfaction. Contentedness. Fullness. Good enough!  Evaluate the place where you stand. Feel the serenity. If it wobbles a bit, then look around inside to discover what would enhance feeling more grounded. Grab the touchstone. Take that step. 

P –  Participation: To quote Yoda (wise dude that he was) “Do or do not. There is no try.” Taking Steps takes participation. Centering in Serene feelings takes participation. “Picking up and holding” that Touchstone takes participation.  Active participation.  Now me, I’m a Phenom at ‘living in my head’ and envisioning.  VERY necessary place to be ….. in the beginning. However (a’hem) I’d often rather see myself taking the steps, then actually taking the steps. (Honest Evaluation here!) Some has to do with ‘not getting it right’ (horrors!!), some has to do with liking being in my thoughts and visions, more some has to do with perceived consequences if I ‘step wrong’ and don’t achieve the desired outcome (failure? loser? liar? Self, or other’s judgments?). (Whew – time to set that wheelbarrow down, don’tcha think?!)  And …. some for me has to do with being a procrastinator (ahhh … the spontaneous rearrangement of priorities! Ha.) What ever the barriers, I stop myself from taking the steps. Nobody else does it to me (or can do it for me.) (Bummer??) ( Not really!)  There is deep satisfaction in participating in this life. A more decent, more personal, moreunique life. 

S –  Serenity:  (Bears repeating.) Step right up.