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M ~ Majestic:  What a brilliant, uplifting word. It is often used to describe towering mountains or the visual splendor of a sunset alive with colors. What better word to begin describing yourself and your Self.  The majesty of you lies within your core. The dignity, and the personal splendor. It flows outward as you step into expressing the innate gifts of you.  As you do so, you allow yourself, and others, to discover that you arefar more than you ever thought possible.”

O ~ Originality:  The intrinsic pieces of you that you share.  Whether it’s changing the oil in a friend’s car, the creativity or simplicity of a home cooked meal, genuinely helping another along the way, or fixing a child’s broken toy.  It is the inventiveness and ingenuity, the imaginativeness and the individuality, the ability to think both independently and creatively. And, sharing the gifts.

R ~ Resilience:   “An ability to recover from or adjust to perceived misfortune or change.”  Resilience. The not-giving-up and not-giving-in. The choice to embrace solutions ~ however “bizarre” or unconventional some of them may seem to others … and sometimes to yourself !   The willingness to let go of what may no longer ‘work.’ To rethink.and reevaluate. Pulling in humility and honesty.  (And you know, you cannot have one … without the other.) Creating new. Releasing the rigid or set-in-stone patterns that no longer serve.  Bendable; pliable. Allowing yourself to be that  “unfinished work in progress.”

E ~ Elevated:  Each and every time you face a specific challenge, go through the pieces-and-parts, and arriving there on the other side of it, you have elevated yourself:  You have raised yourself up beyond the place you began.Try not to measure the size of the challenge, for each individual is the assessor of their own previous capability.  You know where you ‘started from.’  You know the strength it took (mentally, emotionally, spiritually …. and sometimes physically) to address the situation. Be elated. Acknowledge the persistence and determination. Find and express the joy. You did more than survive ~ you thrived.

Lin Church, Mssw

Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman