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PRACTICE: Leadership

Practice Leading:
L ~ Live:  It’s your life ~ so live it !!  Being a passive participant robs you ~ and others ~ of the fullness-of-expression of the gifts you have ~ the talents you possess ~ the interests that call to you.  One doesn’t have to sit-and-wait for others to dictate what a life ‘should’ look like. Be an active participant in this wonderful journey that can be a gift;  one you give yourself. Step up to the plate {well, it is baseball season …} and swing like crazy !!  Really doesn’t matter if a home-run happens ~ it’s the passion and excitement and fun that’s involved. Yes, lives are lived in concert with others. However, abdicating your life to ‘make others happy’ {which is impossible to do, by the way} only robs everyone of the potential of You.
E ~ Envision:  What brings you joy?  What stirs your juices?  What holds you enthralled where time disappears?  I don’t care what that subject / topic / activity is for you ~ simply embrace it in a manner that fills your cup. To continue on with another part of that quote “…. and my cup runneth over…”  That’s the place where the Leading happens ~ maybe, even, unbeknownst to you.  Others observe ~ and they learn ~ and more importantly they receive unspoken  ‘permission’ to take steps into creating their own ideas and lives. Envision that passion ~ see the garden / well-running mechanical devise / mapping of constellations / house-flipping / school-crossing guard / singing / cake-making / ant farming ….. whatever it is for you … see it come alive in your Mind, feel the joy of that, and step into it ~ for you. The ‘size’ of that endeavor is also your’s to choose;  envision it any way you want.
A ~ Alive:  The most “alive” people I know greet their day with anticipation, and contentment.  Whether they jump outta bed, down a couple cups of espresso and are raring to go, or gently rise and do yoga or meditation, {or any scenario in between}, what they have in common is they love being alive. They look forward to the now-of-Now and the vast potentials of the future … even if that future is 20-minutes away. There is excitement ~ not dread.  There is thinking-beyond the ‘to do’ list as-a-drudgery, and viewing potential outcomes with satisfaction. There may be “contrasts” or dilemmas that show up ~ yet the focus is on solutions to create ease and contentment. No drama-kings and -queens here !   Not much whining after the initial OMG ~ yet rather, a dedication to finding what works. Even if it’s what-works-right-now. Now’s good ~ being alive and a positive, active participant in it is great !!
D ~ Dedication:  “The act of devoting time and energy to a particular purpose;  the quality of being loyal or devoted to a cause, ideal, or purpose.”   Dedicate a portion of time to what ‘It’ is that matters to you.  It can be as small as 5-minutes a day ~ or in greater quantify. Yet It is a consistent portion of time ~ daily. May be simply thinking about It ~ writing about It ~ researching or investigating It ~ or stepping-out into ‘doing’ It. Again, your life ~ your passion ~ your creativity and interest. Let others know about this ‘sacred time’ you are dedicating to It ~ and follow through. {Remember, they are watching you to see if you mean what you say.}  Lead the way ~ by example.

~ Lin Church, Mssw

      Coach, Mentor, Writer, Presenter:  JourneyWoman