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F  = Faith:  BELIEVE in yourself and what sparks your interest and passion. Other people’s opinions are none of your business.
O  = Observation: Be willing to non-judgmentally and unbiasedly look at yourself, your skills, your needs ~ and see what fits, what needs to be honed, and what needs to be gathered-together to reach the desired ‘want’. 
C  = Calm:  Remember to breathe. Remain calm. Re-center ~ often ~ as needed. High energy and passion is great. Frenetic energy and stress-reactions are detrimental. Remember to breathe. Remain calm. Re-center ~ often ~ as needed !!
U = Understanding:  Acknowledge what you know and how you know it. {Messages from the Muses? A passion – or even a nudging – that’s been insistently inside for years…..}   Also know that others may not understand, and that’s ok. You don’t require their understanding or approval to move lovingly and directly into what your focus is.  Does it make it more joyful and “easier” when they do? Absolutely.  Is it mandatory?  Absolutely not. As long as you understand your ‘why,’ then that’s what matters!
S  = Steadfastness:  Stay the course. Set a daily time-frame that is dedicated to your Focus. It doesn’t have to be for 9 hrs a day;  it can be for 90 minutes … or 9. Simply set the time-frame. Say ‘No’ to distractions (including those side-tracking invitations; ‘less-than’ messages from the mental negative Committee Members; the favorite tv show that’s in reruns; old “shouldings” about dust-bunnies, what-will-the-neighbors-think lawn work, ring-around-the-collar or the 6 o’clock news). Let your loved ones know your time-frame and request that they honor it. YOU honor it !!  Then ~ celebrate the accumulation of movement.
~ Lin Church, Mssw
      Coach, Mentor, Writer, Presenter:  JourneyWoman