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D = Decide.  It’s quite a simple concept, yet often brings some of the greatest angst.  Like that commercial’s use of The Clash’s song: “Should I stay or should I go?” the indecision of left-or-right, up-or-down, in-or-out can waste hours, not to mention days, months, years, or lifetimes.  Decide.  Pick one.  If it doesn’t seem to have the promise or fundamentals of the original concept around the decision, then…. pick again.  (Rarely are choices irrevocable.)  There is the concept of paralysis by analysis, too. While trying to figure out if one has ‘enough’ data, the energy and interest begins to drain out of the psyche. Believe me, as a world-class Ponderer, if at some point I don’t shout out “stop it, Lin !!” I’ll dither myself into a coma of indecision!  Choose. Pick one. If necessary, pick another one. It’s okay!          

A = Act.  Part two of “Decide.”   Sometimes, the only way to find out that something will or ‘won’t work’ is to actually begin down that path.  Possibly you discover there were components of that choice that you would not have known about unless you’d started. Start. Discover. Interested in being a vet … so do some volunteering at a rescue shelter … and discover you’re allergic to pet dander. Interested in hang gliding … and sign up for a jump … and discover you don’t like the bugs in your teeth.  Actually attending that dance class … and discover you’ve great innate timing … and can tango like an Argentinian !!  Wonderful. You wouldn’t have discovered any of these things unless you decided to give it a “go.”

R = Revel.  To take intense pleasure or satisfaction. Celebrate.  Make Merry.”  So often folks shy away from genuine self-congratulations and a bit of ‘yea-me‘ for fear of being viewed as conceited or arrogant. There’s a big difference between that internal ‘good on me‘ and the external big-ego ‘hey, look at me.’ It’s important to high-five Self when one has stepped into that sometimes-shaky place of newness. So go ahead and do the impromptu butt-wiggle, big grin, or (a personal favorite of mine) planting a quick kiss on the back of the hand.  No matter the outcome ~ you did the movement !  Revel.

E = Engage.  Your life. Engage in it. Join with it. See and feel the wonderment of being truly alive. Dream, believe, dare, and do.


Lin Church, Mssw
Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman