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Three Little Words

“Those Three Little Words”

Kalmer and Ruby ~ music and lyrics – 1930.  

I’ve discovered the truth about those “three little words” ~ and actually ~ what those most powerful three-little-words are.  (Psst …. they are not ‘I love you!’)

The Three Little Words are:  ‘Please”  and  “Thank you”   Of course, underlying each is an implicit and unstated “I love you.” .  Didn’t know you were saying that???  Huh!  Well, if I am honestly and sincerely saying those words ~ then I-see-you and I-love-you-human is there. How cool is that !!

I have had much to be thankful for over the past several weeks, in particular. Many many times the words Thank You have been said: to friends, acquaintances, family members, service providers (whether at a gas station, a grocery store, a hotel clerk) or strangers (someone on the highway who signaled me over; someone at a store that indicated I could get in line ahead of them, or gave me directions). Lots of ‘thank you’s.”  (I received tons of well-wishes too ~ in text and e-mail, in person or in voicemail. Those various forms of  “I love you’s” ….. and I would smile to myself and offer up Thank You

As for Please …. whether it’s please-pass-the-salt or in response to an offering, Please acknowledges the request AND the person the request is being made to.  Acknowledges the person. A nano-second of “I see you too.”  An interconnection ~ in that exact moment ~ in that time-and-space.  

{Please note:  I am not speaking here of someone being obsequious or ‘toady.’ No codependency allowed!  Genuine, from the heart and Mind, Please and Thank You.} 

As I was growing up, the folks encouraged (ha! – “taught/taught/taught”) that Please and Thank You were said. Expected to be said.  (I had the grace and good fortune to be married to someone who also felt the ‘necessity’ that the children were encouraged/taught the same thing.) In hindsight, I realize that these Guides of mine were tapping in to something much more powerful than common-courtesy. They set the foundation of and for seeing: seeing another human, a gift being given – or offered. 

I say to them:  Thank You.

I say to you:  Please be wonderful to yourself. Please take high great care of you. Please know you are seen by me.

Also, Thank You for being a part of my world and journey. Please know you are loved.

Namaste’    Lin