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Stress Antidote

“The opposite of stress isn’t peace, it’s kindness.”

~  Michele Stans.

I encourage everyone, myself definitely included, to take this quote and wrap it gently around the head and shoulders of the Mind.  Stay within it.  Let it be the ‘armor’ you choose to take out into your world with you.  Let it be what you ‘snuggle down in’ when you are in your safe place.

Drive with it. Shop with it. Go to work ~ go out to eat ~ go to the DMV ~ go to visit a friend or keep an appointment within it.

Be at home with it. Do the laundry and wash the dishes with it. Review your day ~ and plan your tomorrow with it. Prepare for sleep within it.

Try it out.  (Be like Mikey. : ) 

What do you have to lose …..    …..except ….. (fill in those negative blanks).

Namaste’ to you.