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Sooner Or Later

“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon will be too late.”

     ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson.

There are not too many “too late’s” yet … when they occur … it is Known and felt deep in the gut, heart, Mind, and Spirit.  Up until then, I believe that one can most often ‘go back’ and say the words unsaid, take the action previously left undone, make the genuine amends that have been waiting somewhat (ha!) patiently inside to be uttered. Most often; though not always. 

Kindness does not need to be in short supply. Kindness does not need to be stingily guarded and then piece-mealed out to a special few. (Lovely thought ~ to be peace-mealed.) Nor is kindness meant to be bestowed as a royal gift. (Yes, you may kiss my ring! Ha!!)

Back in the ’90s the concept and movement of random-acts-of-kindness was born. It showed up on bumper stickers and over the next decade flowed from the U.S to Down Under. It even has its own “calendar day” {February 17th,} has been dot-org’ed, and within this organization there are some folks who choose to become RAKtivists. Seriously! (Check out:>become-a-raktivist.)

Anyway, back to Emerson. What constitutes “too late?”  The big one of course is death. Yet, there are ‘smaller’ deaths (ie: end-of-a-moment) that qualify as well. A stranger moves on. The fire burns to ash the environ. The train / plane / automobile either moves on or is passed by. The hurricane blows away the village. An act of cruelty extinguishes the light of hope in someone’s eyes. Such huge events. Momentous.

The beauty of kindness can appear ‘small’ to the giver. Yet it can be a momentous-moment to the recipient. It is spontaneously given ~ in the moment, as each moment is unique unto itself, never to be repeated in that exact same way. That held door for that person. That particular piece of litter at that location. That waiting auto being gifted space ahead of you. That donation;  that smile;  that word of appreciation.  That helping hand.  Only you. Only it ~ or them in that momentous-moment.

The World needs more kindness. So do you. 

Give. Receive. Give thanks.

Try not to make it “too late.”