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Run Forrest Run!

“Stay away from negative people.  They have a problem for every solution.”~ Albert Einstein. 

Love this quote ~ kind of puts in a nutshell what mental and emotional ‘vampires’ do:  create negative out of joy. Suck your energy dry.  “Yea – but” their butts off. “But it could have been___.” and that final word is never ‘joyful, fun, cool, intriguing.’ (It’s often something along the lines of ‘disastrous, messy, dangerous, painful.’)

Why does that happen?  Why do “they” find the tiniest nugget in almost every event and turn it into a lump of coal (vs. gold)? [Huh.  Why do I do that from time to time?]

I believe everyone can look back and recognize some forms of conditioning that fuel the negative behaviors in one’s life. Yet, here’s the real fact …. it ain’t about the “thems” or “its” of the past. It IS about asking the Self …. why do I choose to keep doing thus-and-so. Why do I choose to be miserable ~ or angry ~ or distrustful ~ or think-the-worst? Listen for the answer, cuz it’s there. And also acknowledge that it’s often easier and ‘more comfortable’ not to change that habit of thinking.

Or is it?

  • Do people end up staying away and avoiding you because of the negativity and complaining and ain’t-it-awful-ing ?  
  • Are the one’s you’re surrounded by equally as negative ~ thus feeding your own fretful fires?
  • Do you wonder why life feels so heavy?
  • Is physical and/or mental health in the proverbial toilet?


Sometimes the one I need to “stay away from” is myself !!  Rethink my negativity. Rethink the band-of-brothers-and-sisters with whom I associate. Problems come up. Simply true. Staying there and exacerbating it (or crappier yet – making up those “I almost got….” …whatever) ~ that’s another problem that doesn’t need to happen. Choice.