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“Befriend the person you are striving to become.”

~ Joan Anderson.  

This seems, at least to me, a bit of a juxtaposition in relation to the Quote and writings I did last week:  the saying good-bye and the act (and art) of grieving. Yet too, there is an art to living, as well.

I read several of Joan Anderson’s books back in the early 2000s, and much resonated, especially with “permission by example” of hand-crafting a life in flow with the ‘who’ and ‘where’ one Is in the passage of time and events. The list below spoke to such an extent that I typed it up and put it on the fridge as a daily reminder.

(That list is now in one of a myriad of boxes in storage. Huh.) 

While purging docs on the computer, I came across these suggestions and recommendations again, and Now seemed like a great time to re-Mind myself ~ and pass on the wisdom I gleaned. I hope you find your own unique message-in-a-bottle here as well. 

  What helps stay the new course:

“Embrace change – knowing that life is always being reconfigured.

“Befriend the person you are striving to become.

“Welcome new paths. Enjoy the detours.

“Strive to go deeper rather than just forward.

“Know that most unnecessary demands come from the unfinished parts of self.

“Beware of speed. It is often one’s undoing.

“Whole-hearted is the way. Half-hearted will kill you.

“Harness your evolvement.

“Let go of what is outlived to make room for the unlived.”

  ~  Joan Anderson:  The Second Journey – 

The Road Back to Yourself.   (c)2008

Instructions given;  permission granted.

Namaste’ to you and your journey.