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Go Live There

“Find out what you’re afraid of and go live there.”

~  Chuck Palahniuk, author. 

For those things that go ‘bump in the night’ it may seem counterintuitive to decide to ‘go live there’ ~ to investigate the noises and the images that feel, sound or look spooky. Or even freakin’ terrifying. Yet….

I highly recommend it.

While no, I’m not actually speaking of having a “fear of homelessness,” and then literally going to live in a Kenmore box under the overpass,  I am speaking of ‘living there’ in Mind (which one already does with runaway thoughts, OMGing, disaster-mindsets, and the boogey-man [or woman] shouting in the head.).  

I am speaking of Purposefully. Specifically. Consciously inviting in the fear-thought for a sitdown powwow. (It IS an amazing, eye-opening process!)  Grab that box of Twinkies, put on your snuggle-down sweats, find a safe spot somewhere (in the house, or yard, or car, if you’re blessed enough to have any of them) and get to ‘talking.’  Feeling. Seeing each image that arises. Eat another Twinkie.

Depending on one’s level of ‘the absurd,’ the powwow (or tea party if you prefer) can become quite sardonically amusing, in a Stephen King / Dean Koontz kinda-way.  Inevitably, visualizing the worst-possible scenarios take on a ludicrous component. That’s the lovely power of Mind as well:  knowing when one has crossed over from The Fear into The Farce.

Even though Mind can create an even-more-gruesome than most-all-reality (ie: chainsaw massacre in the barn, blades swinging from the rafters) it can create some scenarios that are doozies! Believe it or not, these mental gymnastics actually produce an antidote to the unknown. For now, you see, you’ve been-there-done-that. Body and Mind, feelings (and those connective neuropeptides) have had a field day ~ kicked the winning goal ~ torn down that goalpost ~ run amok off the field. Huzzah!!

Thanks for that! 

And now-now, one can naturally turn to looking for solutions. Envisioned the worst? Now envision something a bit less dramatic…those potentials and possibilities that are do-able and handle-able. (Axe vs chainsaw??  Ha!

While probably not the Ideal Desired Outcome (unless one is a manifesting maven), it is a pathway to better (and then better) situations. This powwow party has you gifting yourself greater clarity. Room to mentally, and then physically, move about. Time to look around and then acknowledge “well, whew! At least it’s not That!”


Now what?  Onward.

Goal?  Breath. Direction. More Centeredness. Hope. Ultimately, the Happy Place.