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“Choice your way forward.”

~  Darren Christianson.  

I was in a delightful conversation with Darren when this statement flowed forward into being.  I sat there a moment ~ then asked him if I could use this as one of the Quotes.  With an engaging grin, he said  ‘Sure!’


What appealed to me ~ in the conversation and the statement ~ is the truthness of both. These conversations are real. No game playing, patronizing, sugar-coating, or hidden agendas. (At least that I am aware of. Hahahaha!) There is exploration of the right-now, often with amusing side-tracks into points-of-reference and memories of past behaviors. There are honest questions asked of the other ~ with the expectation of honest answers … including “Huh, I’m not sure.” 

There is sharing of ideas, current endeavors, and potential plans. There is sometimes lamenting (as is human) ~ and there is always laughter. Sometimes the conversation is esoteric ~ and sometimes (more often than not) it is geared toward that ‘forward’ mentioned above. There is a true desire for understanding what the other is saying or making reference to. There is a true desire for clarity of that understanding ~ and of one’s purpose in the matter-at-hand (not to mention one’s Purpose.). And … making choices. Clear-er choices.

The beauty of this Choice-making is the cutting through of:  the misinterpretations (emotions), fears (emotions),”they-said’s” (emotions), but-what-if- (emotions), and then sit within the right-here – right-now of a Today’s choice.(clear, concise and uncluttered emotions).that move one forward. 

Whether it is toward a Choice (new or planned) ~ or away from a Choice (preconceived)  ~ within this process there is always a ‘Forward.’  

Choice ~ Forward.


Thank you Darren. Gobs!