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Creative Endeavors

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” 

     ~   Maya Angelou. 

There is so much creativity ‘banging around’ the globe right now that I am wondering if this period of time will be seen as another form of Renaissance by future historians. 

Ok ~ tomato tomahto ~ yet I find when I look objectively (and from a distance above it all) at the tweets, the doom-and-gloomers or the we-are-homogeneously-one’ers, facebookers thumbing -ups or -downs, youtubers and podcaster trying to sell their version of “what’s right,” there is, still, undoubtedly, creative thinking going on. 

(Where it gets channeled is another story!)

I really believe that if one follows their own personal ‘creative bent’ ~ for themselves ~ the outflow of that energy ends up being of use, and/or service, for others as well.  

When the focus is on the ‘others’ first, it usually is attached to OPOs, or one’s personal O’s about what OP’s “should be doing.”  {For those that haven’t been privy to my shorthand, OPOs are Other People’s Opinions}

There are those who see ‘a need in the world’ that truly does come from an altruistic inner contemplation and space. Hallelujah! Countless thousand, and even millions have benefited.

For the most part, though, for a majority of folks, it ‘s usually connected to an attempt and desire to want to control the behaviors [and sometimes thinkings] of others.Huh. As Phil would say “How’s that working for ya?”

What’s fun in all that personal creative thinking, brainstorming, and ultimate outpicturing of ideas, is the upliftment of the individual doing it! Even if the idea turns out being not quite the result as initially desired (even ala Rube Goldberg), there are endless threads and bursts of new thoughts that arise…. more, and different, brainstorming ….. and “viola” ….something phenomenal gets created.  And created. And created.

So ~ think outside the box. Go ahead and color outside the lines. Take a cue, a clue, or buy a vowel. It’s okay to remove any OP’s blinders.  Look around. What would make your world more satisfying, more enticing, more …… well,  ….more in tune with who you are.

By golly, puce walls it is!