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An Opportunity

 “Happiness is the fulfillment of needs.
Joy is the fulfillment of preferences. 
Gratitude is the celebration of both happiness and joy. 
Gratitude is not a requirement asked of you – 
it is an opportunity given to you.”

     ~   Lazaris.

Gratitude. An opportunity given. A choice to receive … or not. A choice to express … or not. None-the-less, an opportunity.

What’s so beautiful about choosing Gratitude is that it can be expressed in silence ~ in the heart and Mind.  It can be expressed in writing ~ in song or any of the other arts ~ in loving acts of thanks ~ or in a simple word of appreciation face-to-face. The residue of feeling and expressing and Being in Gratitude is beyond price. You win. 

When next the moment arises ~ I hope you choose to accept.  Never pass up the Opportunity!  It’s too precious. (And …  never too late to express.)