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5 Good Things

Mundane:  Monotonous; boring; dull.

~  Oxford Dictionary

Sacred:  blessed; dedicated; revered; worthy of spiritual respect

Merriam Webster Dictionary

For the past week, I have taken the sometimes routine (mundane) and established a “new” ritual (sacred) on for size.I’ve been reading a variety of articles having to do with what one perceives as ‘the mundane’, the sacred, and the profane.   The most intriguing ah-ha I have absorbed from these readings is an increased awareness of how often I continue to view ‘doings’ or habits (when I bothered to really think about them at all) as being run-of-the-mill, or simply the just-gotta’s of daily or weekly life. Rote actions. Forgotten within twenty-five-seconds of completion. Moving on to the next.

I’ve been more aware of changing my thinking with regards to ‘habits’ and reframing them as rituals. Something that has a higher purpose and meaning to and  for me, personally.  Have done this reframe with ‘simple things’, such as being aware when brushing my teeth (thanking those little suckers for hanging in there!), and folding the laundry (feeling textures and …at this time of year….having great appreciation for the cocoonness [psst…Lin’s dictionary] and warmth of the materials.) 

For some reason, for quite a while (years in fact) I’ve practiced ritual with several other things, such as being-in-the-room with the dishes when I happen to hand wash any;  recalling the meal prepared, the tastes and flavors, and appreciation felt while consuming it, thanks for it. A “saying-grace-redux’ as it were.  (Ha!  And you perhaps thought I was a philistine!).  I do the same when watering the indoor plants, thanking them (yes, by name. Ha!) for gracing the space, being a living breathing thing. Quirky action on my part? Possibly. Yet, they seem to enjoy it and thrive.

So, in my round-about way, this brings me to the ‘topic’ of today’s post:  5 Good Things. I got to thinking that there are most likely a myriad of events that happen throughout my day that I may notice for a nanosecond, then move on. By ‘notice’ I mean I don’t give much Attention to. Maybe a quick “oh” then slide into the next moment.  Because of the various articles, and my propensity to ‘thought,’ I decided I would task myself with greater awareness of the good that takes place multiple times a day, previously unbeknownst to (or ignored by) me. Actually, it has not been a task. It’s been a fun awareness of how MANY people, places, things, and events have a quick joy attached, when I choose to be consciously aware of their existence, their happening, their interconnectedness in my life. I’m also having fun with this.  I LIKE joy!

I keep a sticky note on the counter and a pen close by. Because I have heightened my own awareness, I see more PPT&E’s that are taking place right here-right now.  I jot down a brief 1-word (or 1-line) for what has recently-or-just occurred. It is enriching, fun, fulfilling. (I also find I don’t notice as much, or choose not to give energy to, the (self-)perceived negatives also going on.
Ah. We see what we expect.
So far, the bunches of sticky-notes acknowledge:

  • fresh grapes in snack bowl (thank you Susi),
  • Sunshine!!!! , 
  • supporting a friend’s endeavor via zoom, 
  • an intriguing TV show, 
  • a lovely fabamundo hot shower, 
  • creating a nummy split pea/carrot soup,
  • birdsong ‘waking up the sun’, 
  • neighbor Bobbi sharing homemade marinara,
  • getting the quote-posts to Darren in a more timely manner (ha!), 
  • water blessing to the houseplants, 
  • air put in tire and the tech who cheerfully accomplished that on a cold winter morning,
  • pasta dinner Susi fixed, 
  • a Pomelo(!!) and 
  • gratitude they’re back in the grocery,
  •  watching a live ‘Mentalist’ performance,
  • shared laughter with the tablemates
  •  a celebratory b’day text from a friend of more than half a century, 
  • and……on and on and on.

By the time this post gets posted 😉, there are and will be dozens more.    (Oh, a slice of boston cream pie!) I don’t foresee me stopping this new ritual. It is sooo fun and fulfilling.  (Why would I want to stop something fun and fulfilling??!!!!)

I encourage you, in this new year, to add this little simple activity to your life. Indeed, it is simple. Yet profound. And, uplifting. Thought-changing. Oh ~ and can be as silly as fun as you wish.
Another unrelated Oh: more Words from folks!  Enough. Belief. Playfulness. Explore. Faith       

Thank you ~ and I shall Know these with you.