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2016: Co-Creation

This year of 2016 is the Year of Co-Creation. Seems especially meaningful to me right now, as I am proudly (not pridefully : ) posting my first Thoughts to my first ever website, and I could not have accomplished this without the stalwart, patient, humorous, eclectic, talented, creative energies of one Darren Christianson. The man is amazing is so many wonderful ways. {Psst… check out his business link in “Cool Folks” if you are contemplating increasing your business acumen, your business exposure, and stretching your wings into a greater expression of your professional Vision.} Now, back to moi !!

Co-Creation. Powerful image. Powerfully scary ! Pulls to mind such “no-no’s” as: asking for help, admitting ‘I don’t know,’ being willing to compromise, listening to other thoughts and ideas without feeling my own idea or ideas are being usurped or misunderstood, hearing critiques and not taking them as criticisms ~ which then involve those pesky feelings of embarrassment, less-than-ness, and personal rejection … and … this list can be as long as I (or you) want it to be.

Co-Creation. Powerful image. Powerfully empowering !! Pulls to mind and Mind: greater creativity, brainstorming, higher levels of energy and synergy, other thoughts brought to the table which enhance an already marvelous concept, along with feelings such as gratitude, awe, joy, accomplishment, fulfillment … and … THIS  list can be as long as you or I wish it to be, too.

Among the tremendous joys I receive from Coaching (and Mentoring) include the honor of being privy to and part of Co-Creation, recognizing the sense of trust bestowed upon me from others, the daily (sometimes hourly) affirmation that I am following my Purpose and path, the ‘learnings’ I receive from each and every person time after time, and being part of a person or an organization’s healthy positively-focused growth. Such cup-fillers;  therefore…

To each and every individual, past and present, who has been willing to ask and step into in Co-Creation with me, I thank you. Sincerely.

May 2016 begin and continue to flow into magnificent manifestation !   Namaste’. Lin