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Ever since I decided to forego purchasing 8033 back in March of this year, I’ve been hearing Spirit Speak ‘telling me’ to hold off looking for another dwelling ~ to be patient ~ to stay aware ~ to Trust ~ to Know that something is getting ready to reveal itself ~ and this ‘something’ is of vital importance: both to me and to others. There is something that I am being guided to do.  It is part of my journey and a Divine plan.  Whew !

As I discovered years ago, part of my Purpose and a furthering of the “why” I am on this journey of Life (this time; this space) is to connect deeply and intimately with others ~ usually in a setting of a-person-at-a-time, and occasionally in small group or gatherings, and whether professionally or personally ~  this is the manner in which I connect best.  I have discovered and chosen to Walk the Way by being a confidante, a teacher, a way-shower, an advocate, a mentor, a cheerleader and champion, and, a friend.

I Know I am a wonderfully fallible human;  one who enjoys the heck out of this Life, this Planet, and the joys of discovery.  I’ve been blessed to have had this innate curiosity since early childhood.  (Those around me all these decades may not have felt equally ‘blessed’ ~ as I was constantly wanting to know ‘why’ 🙂  … asking questions … and this probing and looking for answers often irritated the snot out of ’em !!)  However, I digress ~ which I am prone to do ~ as I tend to make assumptions that others enjoy explanations as to ‘why’ as much as I do !  So ~ moving right along !!

virginia_satir One of the people I’ve most admired is a woman named Virginia Satir. She was a brilliant, dedicated connector for ‘who and why’ people Are:  what elements can be shared to make this human journey a treasure of connection vs “ships passing in the night.”  A favorite Satir quote of mine (and you know how much I love quotes !!) is {paraphrased}:  “The greatest gift one can give another is to listen. The greatest gift one can receive is to have someone listen in return.”  I resonated with this the first time I read it, decades ago.  It, and I, resonate still today.

This particular Satir quote is one of the deeper reasons I changed professions and turned a ‘180’ in the direction of social work and counseling. It is also one of the major reasons I left traditional mental health and embraced Coaching over a decade ago.  (So much more high-side and empowering !) I’ve also learned over time (as that is the gift of ‘time,’ I have come to discover) that the ‘others’ I practice Listening with, beyond “mere mortals,” includes:  the waves coming to the shore, the wind as it dances through the air, the trees as they stand in rhythm within their own time and space.  Most of all, I have learned to listen to Silence.

mediation_beachBecause of this, I have been fortunate enough, in my willingness, to learn to listen to Spirit:  hearing those thoughts “I know I didn’t think;” ~  what I call Spirit Speak.

Now, some call It Higher Power, others refer to it as ‘hunch’ or ‘gut,’ still others call It God, or Goddess, or even The Big Kahuna. I  personally don’t care what you call “It” ~ that is simply a name to make one more comfortable when acknowledging and addressing this powerful, loving, caring, omniscient, omnipresent Source.  “By whatever name.”  (I playfully envision those Beings on the planet Igmoo conversing, in their way, with Earl.  Or maybe Hermoine.  Or…. even Xpl*q^rs`ti. !)

Spirit Speak.  Spooky when it first occurs ~ am I hearing voices and do I need meds ???  Cautious when I ‘hear’ more and attempt to discern the purpose.  Disbelieving when I have experienced the resultant Truths manifest in my life.  Irritating as heck when I gut-level Know the message is a Truth, yet intellectually I don’t want it to be.  Frustrating when I continue to do my thing (what ever that thing is) and (la-la-la-la) ignore the message.  Embarrassing when I follow and don’t know why (and … of course …. what will Other. People. Think ?! ).  Confusing when I don’t understand (in the Now) the ‘why’ involved, yet I choose to follow anyway.  Then I remember-to-remember the simplicity.  Listening.  Trusting.  Feeling.  Following. All in and for my Highest Good.

And guess what ??!!  Here’s the coolest part ~ that second half of Satir’s quote:  I have ~ always ~ “someone” who listens to me. Who hears my innermost dreams, desires, longings, thoughts, treatments, prayers … my questions and my celebrations… my sadnesses and my gratitudes.  All I need do ~ by Conscious Choice ~ is think / speak my heartspace.  I AM always listened to. No shaming, blaming, judging, or ‘shoulding.’  Simply Loved ~ unconditionally ~ and listened to.

Also ~ excitedly ~ to complete the Circle (…again … and again … and again) as I follow Spirit Speak so that answers are revealed (if I but listen), ways are shown (if I choose to follow), treasures are shared (if I willingly give), and my joys are multiplied (if I openly receive) ~ all gifts I choose to embrace.  Beautiful symmetry and flow ~ if I so choose.  (Ahhhhh… breathe.  Conscious Choice ….  quite powerful and empowering.  Belief … made Manifest.)

So ~ today I sit and continue to Listen. For greater clarity ~ to allow my human mindless-(Committee)-thoughts to express themselves (usually most-always based on societal expectations and norms, fam-of-origin messages, and other people’s opinions).  Then to deeply, personally, Consciously, Mindfully, joyfully {gulp} follow the Way presented to me by Spirit.  I am almost there. A bit more data ~ a bit more faith ~ a bit more willingness to …. as they say in 12 Step …. LGLG.

ducks_in_rowAnd again ~ another ‘so’ :  it is business as (the new) usual.  Coaching ~ which feeds my internal spirit and a means of connecting which I love;  yet at this time only by phone.  (I am learning about Skype !!)  Getting more ‘ducks in a row” in / at this present (changing and evolving) time.  Staying in touch with my mentors, and guides, and way-showers …. my friends and my touch-stones.  That does mean You.  Thank you for Listening.  I hope you share in return.